I love talking stories in pidgin.  It’s the language most comfortable for me to use.  I think in pidgin, love to write in pidgin.  If I get upset, the first words that come flying out of my mouth are pidgin.  That said, I was an creative writing/English major in college, and have a love affair with learning new words all the time. 

I love writing this blog.  Most of it is in pidgin; in the blogosphere I’m pretty small potatoes, and I figure only local peeps will be reading it.

However, last night I was at our first “Getting Ready for Christmas” gathering… I was the only local there, and I found myself in deep conversation with someone I see only a few times a year.  We were having a wonderful time, talking about knitting, and the internet, and blogs, and she gave me the URL of her delightful blog.

I didn’t give her mine, because I knew she wouldn’t be able to understand all of it.  And therein lies the conundrum: I rarely share the URL of my blog with mainland peeps because I know they’d get bogged down in the pidgin.  They might get the general idea of what I was saying, but would they get the heart of it?

So.  I am at a crossroads.  Do I write some posts in pidgin and some in good English?  I’m already schizo… switching back and forth no bodda me at all.  I do it alla time. Keep writing most in pidgin?  Do I write them all in English? Do I go back and edit all my posts into good English?

My knitterly friends don’t even know I have a blog because I haven’t told them about it.  Would they be put off by the pidgin?  Dunno.

K’den.  Gotta think about dis foa awhile.  Figgah out wat I going do.


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4 Responses to Conundrum

  1. Leimamo says:

    Why not have one blog for your local readers and another for your knitting buddies? That’s one suggestion for you to consider. Anyways, the snow was so nice yeah? I loved when it snowed over here but driving in the snow/ice sucks.

  2. Mokihana says:

    U know, that’s a good idea. I guess it wouldn’t take any more time than it does now, yeah? Save dis one foa local kine stuffs.

    If I do dat……… I guess Blogspot is good.. gotta go check stuffs out. Mahalo foa da suggestion, sista.

  3. Mokihana says:

    And actually, if I go do dat, I can jass edit da knitting posts I get hea and move um on ova. Well, copy um.

  4. Yo Hamajang buddy says:

    Fo realz it gonna be da cunundrum bout dat dakine Good Englis ana Pidgin. No good at dat myself eether one! Hahahahaahahaaaa! Peeps decide fo demselves wat dey do eh?! If you ask me, I don’t see the problem with doing both. Mayhaps, the knitting section is in proper English and the rest in Pidgin. I don’t see the prob with that. Anyone can understand if this is your native tongue it is more preferable to you. I think you ought to give yourself the freedom to do either. However, you have to also realize ain no dem all gona gits it alla time, eh?! Hafta take the critisicm with the language differences…an undastan not everybody gonna undastand alla it. if you okedoke wit dat, den go for it!

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