Sock Knitters Up in Arms… or Should That Be Feet?

There is this wonderful yarn company outside Portland, Oregon.  They make the most wonderful hand-dyed yarns for socknitting, among other things.  Amazing colorways (that’s the knitting geek term for different yarn colors).  Real nice people, too.  Every year they come to Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival, and I bust my budget wide open.  

The people from Blue Moon Fiber Arts, started a socknitting club.  For a certain amount of money, you join the club if you want to, and throughout the year, you get new patterns, get to have the first new colors, and also get lots of yarn to knit socks (or whatever) with.   So what’s the pilikia [trouble] then?  Well, they went to their bank to arrange to accept credit card orders for paying for the club.  And the stupidhead suspicious bank managers came to the conclusion that no way could there be that many socknitters in the world, and made Tina and the rest of them at Blue Moon cancel all the orders and refund all the money, saying it was a scam.  NOT! 

Their business is legit.  The bank didn’t even bother to Google “socknitters”, or “Blue Moon Fiber Arts” to make sure that there really are that many people who love to knit socks.

The whole socknitting community, and believe me, there are thousands of us, is up in arms.  Where the debacle was first posted, on the famous Yarn Harlot’s website, there are already over 400 comments so far.  Read the whole story here…


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1 Response to Sock Knitters Up in Arms… or Should That Be Feet?

  1. Lika says:

    Isn’t that like false acqusations, guilty before proven innocent?

    I would set up the account with another bank. And tell everybody how bad dat bank was & if anybody get accounts ova deya dey should movem’ to another bank. Hurtem’ where it hurts, in da pocketbook. Tell everybody you know how “accusatory” dat bank is, dey prolly tink you guys are money laundering or something la dat.

    Whose ever decision it was to close da account, you should write dat person up, telll dat person’s boss. Da corporate boss not da local branch boss. If you guys write complaint letters – start a letter writing campaign – make sure you cc: the national president, better business bureau, chamber of commerce, other banks LOL.

    Betta yet, dey get one national website? Flood’um wit emails! Somebody’s head going roll IF people start closing accounts at dat bank. I hope its da person who made da decision to close dat account.

    Let dat bank know dat da SockKnitters will legally SOCK’um where it hurts! *L*

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