Getting a Head Start on Christmas

My wonderful friend Linda had a great idea right after Christmas.  Let’s all (in our Bible study group) get an early start on making all our presents and meet once a month to start making our gifts during the year so that we don’t end up like we did this Christmas, rushed and frantic to finish our gifts in time for the big day.So starting this month, those of us who can are going to meet and do exactly that.  So far on my list to knit:

  • Finish the Joseph’s Coat blanket I started over a year ago
  • Finish the handspun, knitted blanket that I started adunno how many years ago.  This blanket is made from the fleece from my own sheep, washed and carded by me.
  • Finish about 6 pairs of socks
  • Start a new pair for a surprise
  • Finish my hubby’s sweater which I wen promise him a year ago.
  • Start a new sweater for my daughter.

Knowing I can work on something for one evening a month is really going to help me feel less discouraged.

I gotta post photos of the blankets and quilts that I finished already, lest you think that I never finish anything at all!

Oh, and my finger is almost all well.  The bruise mark is still there and it’s still tender, but was not broken.  Mahalo for the concern.

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1 Response to Getting a Head Start on Christmas

  1. Lika says:

    OMG ~ I have a list of TO SEW too! I stay trying to hem something and surf da same time. Wotkinedat, no wonda all hammajang. LOL

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