Smashed Finger

Today I am feeling owee. 

Why?  Cuz my fingah wen get smashed in one door! I was at da kahakai wit my group of friends, staying in one condo.  Da doors so heavy, and pneumatic.  No no, not like sick.  Da kine close by demselves.

I wen try open da door for let in some fresh ocean air, and somehow my hand wen slip, and dat ten tousand ton door wen come crashing in on my middo fingah, trapping it between da door and da frame.  OMG.  Da pain was incredible.

Somehow I wen open da door, pull out my hand.  I wen feel light-headed.  I thought, “I going faint, and my poor roommate going come in and find me crumpled on da floor!”  I no like dat happen, so I wen lie down wikiwiki on da bed.  Da first joint was bleeding reeyo bad cuz da skin was torn off.

Now, my knuckle stay black and blue, and da first joint still hurts. I guess I gotta go doctor and gettum x-rayed on Monday.  Like I get time for dat! 

I can type okay, but aftah awhile, dat fingah hurts.  So I try take breaks.  I hope da buggah no stay fractured, cuz I nomo time for dis kine stuffs.

At least I can still type doe.  And if I need one splint, den I going get one short one.  I cannot imagine trying to type wit one fingah 10 times more long den da odda ones!


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3 Responses to Smashed Finger

  1. wendi says:

    I am sorry for yo finga! Owie! My kids wanna see piccha but i told them no mo. What doc say?

  2. wendi says:

    How you today? How Xmas prep and knitting going? Thanks for comment on my blog!

  3. Mokihana says:

    I so far behind, no can believe! My finga is bettah, but still bruised and sore where the skin wen rip off. I neva wen da dr… I knew wasn’t broken. LOL…

    I trying to do too many things all at da same time! I still get my hubby’s sweater to do… maybe by our anniversary in Jan? Not. Maybe Valentine’s Day!!

    Love your blog!

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