Flying Home Wen High Security

My youngest dottah stay flying home from a chree-week trip to Europe.  Right now she is on one plane in da middo of da US; I tracking her flight on da internet.  I love da internet.  But I digress.

She was in Germany wen da huge security problems were discovered, and I had thoughts of her being stranded ovah deah.  But whew!  She wen get delayed in Atlanta, in da good ole USA.  Back on home ground at last.  Her flight was delayed for quite a while, but now she going be home in about 2 hours.

I going be one happy mama-san wen I get to hug my “baby” tonight!

I was watching da news weah dis one couple had to give up their almond butter.  I thought was shampoo and stuffs lidat.  But almond butter?  Da couple wen give it up witout protest…while others were whacking chocolate, water, and any kine dey could get down before going chru security.  Some peeps, in order to make their flights, were throwing entire cosmetic bags into da bin.  I bet dey no shop at Nordstrom, weah jass mascara can cost $20!

I’m glad we have good security. I am more den glad dat my dottah going be here tonight.

But I still no get about da almond buttah! 





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