Springtime In Oregon

I love springtime in Oregon!  Da winter is mostly gray.  Gray clouds.  Gray sky.  Monochrome wintah.  No get me wrong.  I like it.  I like da cold, cozy days wit a fire in da woodstove.  I love snuggling undah my electric blankie.  I love hot cocoa in da aftahnoon topped wit one two homemade marshmallows.  Anything is more bettah den 100 degrees, which can happen during da summah.Just about da time dat da tiniest thought of, “Okay, enuf gray for now” hits my brain, I notice da springtime bulbs begining to push their way chru da soil.  Da buds on our flowering plum trees dat line our driveway begin to get plump, and da robins begin serenading me early in da kakahiaka.

Soon, da tiniest bit of green begins to show across da valley, and in da decidious trees in da woods around me.  Da tree frogs (much quieter den da coqui ones!) begin singing at night, and da earth begins to come alive.

Within a couple of weeks, it seems like color is everywhere!  Daffodils, da driveway trees, primroses and my beloved daphne.  If you nevah wen smell one daphne, u wen miss out on one of da greatest fragrances in da world.  I love driving up an down our driveway, seeing all da nani blossoms on da plum trees.

My redbud tree outsai my office is blooming, and so is da flowering quince.  Neighbors’ yards are inundated wit daffodils waving deah nani heads in da breeze.  Da air reminds me of back home in da ‘āina, weah da scent of nā pua filled my nostrils almost all da time. 
I miss da showah, jacaranda, and plumeria trees.  I miss da red hibiscus tree right outsai our kitchen, and da lehua trees.  I guess if I lived in Florida oa Southern California I could have some of dem, but I live in one area dat can get down to 5 degrees in da wintah.

I miss all da tropical trees an flowers.  But after months of gray days witout much break, an Oregon spring fills my world wit color dat is hard to beat.






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2 Responses to Springtime In Oregon

  1. Leimamo says:

    So pretty yeah? My neighbor across the street has a beautiful cherry blossom tree in her front yard. I told my hubby I wanted it but I think they would know I took em if they see em in MY front yard yeah?

    I planted tulips and daffodils in pots last fall and they’re all blooming now. I stay all excited because this is the first time I ever planted anything and it didn’t die.

  2. Mokihana says:

    Oh good! I love da tulips an daffodils too. I bet your neighbors would know if u wen kakaroach their tree, but maybe u could plant one of your own???

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