Da Kakaroach Watamelon Keiki

On dis day, my friend Judy wen invite me to go wit her ‘ohana to dis cabin dey had in Kahuku. I wen go wit dem before for da weekend, an we alla time had good fun. Dis weekend stay so hot. Da sun stay beating down on us, so me an Judy wen decide for go swimming. Wen we was pau swimming, we wen lie out in da sun for awhile. By den, we stay real hot again, so we wen decide for go back to da cabin for sometin cold to drink. On da way back, there was dis beeg watamelon field. So big dem buggahs! An awreddy dey was so ready for pick dat we could smell da onaona scent of dem, cuz get so many.

We stay so thirsty! An hungry! We still get about 15 minutes left before we would get home. So we wen holoholo along da dirt path next to da watamelon field, smellin dat onaona scent, complaining about how hungry an thirsty we stay. Dat field seemed so huge!

We wen walk an walk, an still yet get more way to go. Juss den, Judy wen look at me. An I wen look at her. “Nah”, we wen say, almost togedda. “Bedda not”. So we wen keep walking. But ho da hot! No place for cool off. She wen look at me side eye. I wen look at her side eye. Den grins wen spread across both our makas. “We go!”

We wen tiptoe chru dat watamelon patch. “We just lookin”, we wen tell each oddah. But deep insai, we knew bedda. Ho, da onaona! Ho, da hot! Ho, da temptation!!

Juss den, right in front our makas, we wen see da most nani melon of dem all! Ho da beeg bambucha watamelon dat wuz. Slowly, we wen turn around an around. “I no see nobody”, I wen tell Judy. “Me needa”, she wen tell me. An wikiwiki, we wen both bend down an twist dat bambucha melon around an around on da vine, till finally, it wen twist right off da vine like magic! Da kakaroach watamelon keiki had struck!

Dat buggah was so big it wen take two of us for carry um to da edge of da field, where deah, in da shade, wuz one flume, full and running wit cold watah. We wen put dat melon insai da flume for cool off, letting da watah pour over it. 5, 10, 15 minnits wen go by, and finally we no could stand it no more. We wen take dat watamelon out, an crack it against da side of da flume. If we thought da scent was onaona befoah, was ten tousand times more beddah wen dat buggah stay opened!

We wen scoop out dat watamelon pulp wit our fingers, da juice running down our chins. We no could get enuf! An da two of us wen grind dat entire watamelon all by ourselves, spitting out da seeds at each oddah for fun. Den wen we stay pau, we wen chrow da shell into da bushes on da far side of da flume where nobody was going find um. We wen wash our juicy makas wit watah from da flume. Den we wen holoholo back to da cabin, tinkin how akamai an no‘eau we stay foah find such one awesome way foah cool off lidat.

Oni get pilikia. Wen we get back to da cabin, Judy’s fadda wen spock da red juice on our shirts.  Auē! His eyebrows wen go down. His maka wen get narrow. Da corners of his mout wen turn down.

“Wea u girls wen get dat watamelon from?” he wen axe us. “Uh…. well, Daddy”, Judy wen tell, “we stay choke hot! Da sweat stay runnin down our shirts! ”

“Oh yah,” I wen tell him. “We still stay long ways from da hale… an.. umm.. well, deah wuz dis watamelon patch…. anden… ”

“Anden…”, Judy wen tell him, “We kinda wen kakaroach one watamelon”. “Yah”, I wen tell, “we kinda wen do dat”.

“You wahines wen kakaroach somebody’s melon? From dea field?” “Yeah, we wen”, I wen tell him. An Judy wen tell, “We sorry, Daddy. We not going do dat no more. Promise!”

Judy’s fadda no stay hau‘oli. He no stop frowning. He neva wen feel sorry for us. Instead, he wen geev us dis lecture on how we no sposed to kakaroach odda peepos stuffs, an den foa punishment wen send us to our room wit no dinna. So we wen learn our lesson.

But still yet, to dis day, dea was never any watamelon dat wen taste as good, an as sweet, an as juicy, as dat kakaroached watamelon from da field at Kahuku.


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