Sock Fevah!

Okay, stay pau [finished] da Knitting Olympics.  I can go back to pidgin again!  I get two pairs of socks now; da Olympics ones and den anoddah pair dat was waiting till I wen learn da Kitchener stitch.

I wen zip da toes together wikiwiki da same day I wen do my ‘Ōhelo Berry Socks:

Now I get three more pairs of socks going at da same time.  Depends on my mood which ones I’m working on.  Also if I’m at a complicated part of da whole ting… I knit a lot in public, and if get too many peeps around, I cannot concentrate.      


Da first ones are my “Walking Through Da Fire” socks… cuz plenny times I feel like my life is like dat:

I think dese socks going be shaka wen I gettum pau. This yarn is considerably more fine den da first two pairs, so going take me more long to finish dem.

Da next ones are in dis colorway called “Hawai‘i. Gimme one smile when I work on dem.

And dese ones I just love!  I’m calling dem, “He Moana Maluhia” cuz dey remind of all da times just lying on my back floating on da ocean, letting da waves gently rock me, while I lay dreaming in da warm Hawaiian sun.

I wen promise my hubby dat I was going knit him one sweater.  But sock fevah has me by da fingers!  Cannot stop!  I stay addicted!

I get one spesho friend who like me teach her how for knit socks too! Now I’m a pusher/enabler!

Well, I did knit three rows on da sweater. Counts for sometin, yeah?  But I can oni do da sweater when I can concentrate, cuz gotta do plenny counting.  Oh!  Good excuse, yeah?  “Sorry, honey, no can knit on da sweater right now cuz I gotta be able to concentrate… ” 













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5 Responses to Sock Fevah!

  1. debbie says:

    wow! looks like some sock knitting obsession there! what are the sock yarns you’re using? the best part i like doing is picking up stitches for the gussets cause that’s when magic happens…..

  2. Mokihana says:

    Oh yeah! I know exactly what you mean!

    The sock yarns are:

    The first socks, done with the Olympic ones:
    Lorna’s Laces worsted

    Hawai`i: Lorna’s Laces sock yarn
    Flames: Lorna’s Laces sock yarn
    Both of those on size 2’s

    Then, the He Moana Maluhia socks:
    Sadly, I had the LYS wind it into a ball for me, and the tag got lost. It’s a heavy worsted weight and I’m using size 6’s. It’s similar to Mountain Colors.

  3. Lika says:

    Eh you must make da kine set matching hat/beanie & scarf….oh anden gotta go shopping buy new maching coat, oh ok maybe you get one awreddy. Oh & new shoes to go wit da socks….LOL Dang you so crafty.

    Malama pono.

  4. Kawena says:

    Moki, are you using bamboo needles? That’s what they look like. I just started using them and love them. Think I’ll start making socks. Getting bored with the afghans.

  5. Mokihana says:

    Yeah, I’m using bamboo. I think Crystal Palace ones are the best, but the Takumi aren’t bad either. I love knitting socks! If you’re just starting, you might like to think about joining the Socknitters mail list; it has all the information you want to know about knitting socks. If not, I can let you know where the website is. Mahalo for writing!

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