I Must Be Crazy!

One of my favorite bloggers is Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, from Canada. She’s an amazing knitter and a wonderful writer. In January, she wrote about the Olympics and how knitting is her sport. Then she got the brilliant idea to have a “Knitting Olympics”, which would start during the opening ceremonies of the Olympic Games, and end before the flame was extinguished. You can read about it here.

The idea took off like wildfire. Knitters from all over the world took up the challenge, and at last count, there were over 3000 entries. There are many, many teams from everywhere imaginable. Men and women and even little kids just learning to knit are deciding to create things that will challenge and test their skills.

Am I nuts? Do I need another project? Do I need the pressure? Heck no!
But do I like the idea of a challenge? Heck yeah!

So I signed up. I decided to make some socks. I signed up to be the captain of Team Hawai‘i Nei! So far, I am the only member. I am calling my entry “‘Ōhelo Berry Socks”, because the color reminds me of the berries from home. I am committed to speaking good English for this part of my blog for the sake of non-locals. No pidgin.

It’s going to be a stretch. I work full-time and have tons of things to do. I will do my best. My socks will not even come close to Stephanie’s Dale of Norway sweater. But I’m only competing against myself, and I already have an official cheerleader!

I have to design the official “Team Hawai‘i” pin, which will get posted on my blog. I have invited anyone with a connection to Hawai‘i to be part of the team. If I end up being the only one, that’s okay.

So, Friday night, I will be casting on my new socks. I will post frequent messages and photos here so that you can see my progress. Wish me luck! Imua!

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6 Responses to I Must Be Crazy!

  1. Lynn Vasquez says:

    I’ll be cheering you on! You go Mokihana!!!!

    Lynn Vasquez

  2. Mokihana says:

    Mahalo Auntie!! I really appreciate the support!

  3. Lika says:

    YOU are going to KNOCK THEIR SOCKS OFF. Go’fo broke. Da Tita’s ova hea stay cheering you on…. EH, no make S hah, Make socks! Got gettum!

    Imua Team Hawaii Nei!

  4. Sarah says:

    I’ll be cheering for you. Are we gonna bead that pin?

    Sarah- a beading buddy

  5. Mokihana says:

    LOL Lika!! I love dat “knock their socks off!” I love having tita cheerleaders! Let da games begin!

  6. Mokihana says:

    Mahalo Sarah… Wouldn’t that be great, to bead it!! I might try it if I could just stop knitting socks!

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