Da Alohaghan

I’d like share to with you all a special thing that some friends and I in our Bible Study made. This one friend of ours… about 6 months ago, was diagnosed with breast cancer. Surgery and chemo are pau, and now her hair is growing back.

Before our friend had surgery and chemo, ke Akua [God]gave me  this idea… that it would be nō ka ‘oi [the best!] if some of us would make an “alohaghan” (afghan) for her. See, before all this, only two other wahine [women] besides me knew how to knit or crochet in our little hui [group]. First one wahine, then a couple of weeks later, the rest of the wahine asked me if I would teach them to knit. The first gal I taught, taught another gal, while I taught the rest… and we even named our knitting group “Hui Ulana Aloha”, (the group woven together in love). Our Bible Study meets in a wahine’s home, in the woods of Oregon, in a big log house.

I told my friends, “K’den, make one or more squares, 8″ square, anden when everyone is pau, then I’m going to put all the squares together for the alohaghan for our friend, so while she’s going through all the chemo, she will know that she’s surrounded and covered by our aloha and our prayers for her recovery”. So all the wahine worked on their squares.

Well, they’re all beginning knitters, right? So the 8″ squares… well, they didn’t end up like that. Ho, the different sizes! So then, I had to find a way to put all the different sizes together. The main thing wasn’t how big or regular the squares were; what was import is the aloha that went into making them. I think the beginning knitters did a shaka job with their squares~

So I started to put all the squares together; it took a lot of thinking outside the box to make all the squares fit into a cohesive afghan … and the we gave our special friend her alohaghan.

Here is our friend with the alohaghan; she took it to her surgeries, to chemo, and laid it over herself during her recuperation. She told us later how much comfort it brought her.


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2 Responses to Da Alohaghan

  1. Lika says:

    How cool. Reminds of da MOD look, 60’s window pane kine style. Da black border makes da kalakoa blocks pop. I tink yo’friend would have appreciated it even if was all hammajang because it was knitted wit love & aloha, dats da mana of it yeah.

    Malama pono.

  2. Mokihana says:

    Mahalo Lika,

    U right… looks kinda like stained glass window panes, yeah? Da way she is holding it looks all even, but had some hamajang places in it still. Yeah, get all kine mana in it… some of da women learned to knit just so dey could have a square in da alohaghan.

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