Ten Years Ago Today…

It’s hard to believe itʻs been this long, but on this date ten years ago my mom died unexpectedly. She’d been in the hospital for a week with unmanageable high blood pressure/low heart rate, and on the 3rd of July, her doctors installed a pacemaker for her.  The next day she was transferred to a rehab place; we expected that she’d be there for a couple of weeks and would then be able to go home. We were happy about that.  During long discussions, three of us siblings talked about how to manage her care once she got home, but several hours after getting to rehab, she had a massive stroke. She was rushed back to the ER; my brother and sister, who were there, hours later made the decision, which Mom had stated she wanted should the situation arise, to remove her from life support. You can read the  whole story here, and the story of our road trip back to California six weeks later for Momʻs memorial service here.

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Da Kine Numba Six

Time for anodda da kine!

My Christmas amaryllis from a year ago started blooming again!

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My Local Kine Pōpoki

Kalakoa is my kolohe pōpoki, and so much like my beloved girl, ʻUkulele, who I miss so much, that plenny times I know ʻUkulele sent her. Just like ʻUkulele, Kalakoa finds balls of yarn, or socks, and brings them into the hallway for me like trophies, meowing so loud, as if to say, “Look Mom, I wen kill dis yarn/sock foa u!” (And yeah, my kitties all talk pidgin.) LOL.

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Birthday Dinnah

So last night foa my birthday, we went out foa dinnah. We get plenny choices around hea, but I really wanted local kine grindz.  I really wanted to holoholo kaʻa up to Patrickʻs Hawaiian Cafe in Vancouver, but ho, da traffic alla way up I-205, cross da bridge ova da Columbia Rivah, den Vancouver. We wen decide dat we going go dea when nomo da traffic.

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June 18th at Kapiʻolani Hospital

This happened. Kamaʻāina to da max.

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Our New Neighbor

Nolemana and I were heading into Portland for a conference on Saturday morning. I was so grateful for the rain, and I was thinking about that as we left the house. But I screeched to a halt (after checking that nobody was behind me for a long distance) when I thought I saw something out of the ordinary.  Llamas. Sheepies.  Clouds. Lotsa green. Do you see anything else? (No fair zooming, cuz you gotta see what I was seeing.) Was I seeing things?

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Trains and More Trains!

So you folks know how much I love trains. How, everytime Nolemana and I go anywhere, we’re alla time looking for trains to photograph. We’ve gotten some amazing shots throughout the Pacific Northwest, including Idaho and Montana.  I’ve been called a foamer. I prefer to think of myself as a railfan. I belong to several railfan groups on Facebook; I’ve seen and loved some amazing drone footage by people who follow trains from the air.

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