Da Kine Numbah Two

K’den. While I’m working on the next Montana Road Trip post, I’ll wikiwiki get these up. And yeah, I realize that if I didn’t do this post, I could be working on the Montana one. But I going doyem anyway.

Right around Christmas time, our neighbors across the road always do this wonderful garland. And this was when we started getting a bunch of snow. And ice.


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Montana Road Trip 2010, Chapter Forty-Two

Itʻs been a long time since we were rolling through the Palouse country of Idaho, yeah? To think that this trip was seven years ago… no can believe! Time goes much too fast; I wish I could slow it down. This is a long post to make up for the delay.

We took some videos along this highway, and lesson learned from AFK, I should’ve had some Hawaiian music playing instead of just silence except for road noise. I have since changed my ways. We stopped the car to take this one. I thought that silence was better than hearing me talk.  Hawaiian music da best of all.

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Da Kine Numbah One

I’ve got several, well, okay, a bunch, of longer posts to make, and I’m working on them, but in the meantime, I thought I’d do a Da Kine post, photos of all kine stuffs. I think it’ll work well for me, because then I’ll post more often. And that’s a good thing.

Let’s start off with this bathroom.  It’s from a comparable sale we were using for an appraisal. Notice anything… um… kinda strange?

27 May2

Yeah, me, too.  I don’t get it. Do I want to be in the bathtub with somebody standing over me in the shower? Do I want to walk up steps (that first one is high!) to get in and out of the shower? Nope. And there’s no hand rail or anything! I could see myself falling on my lemu in the setup. So you are into the tub, and you get into the shower. Then you step down from there onto the floor? Do you shower first anden get into the tub? And the tub’s so small!  Maybe there’s something here that I just don’t get. I would love to be educated.

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In Which Mokihana Lets Down Her Hair

My sweet hānai nephew, John, was about to leave Hawaiʻi to move back to San Diego. Heʻs been so generous sending me care packages from home, and he called and told me he was going to send me one last one.  I was so thrilled, so grateful for his generosity.

I donʻt go to Starbucks very often, but I asked him if he could get me a Hawaiʻi kine Starbucks card and put $10.00 on it, and he said, “Shuah!”” I told him that I’d send him the money for the card as soon as he got back to the mainland.  Cuz I like have one local kind card, yeah? A couple of weeks later, he sent me a box of Hawaiian snacks, (including poi!!!) and told me when it’d arrive.  I told him I’d pay him for the snacks, and for postage, too. But he told me, “Pass on, no pass back.” Which is the local kine phrase for ‘pay it forward’.

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The Driveway Gets a Haircut

Our spring was so cool and wet, and once the sun came out, the grasses and weeds absolutely took off running.  Well, okay, growing. It seemed as if they grew a foot a day. Our friend Loren, who has a tractor, planned to come over as he usually does. But then the rains came back, and then the sun, and then more rain; by the time it was dry enough to mow yesterday, the grass and weeds were unbelievably high. We usually get them cut down in May!

This is how tall the grass, weeds, and blackberries were as I drove up.

2 June

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Awful Day

Last Friday Nolemana went out to feed the doves in our aviary. He came back into the house with a shocked look on his face. The doves were gone. There were only feathers on the floor of the aviary. Something had somehow gotten into the area and killed them.

I was hysterical. Seriously. Crying. Loud. Yelling. It wasn’t a pretty sight. Nolemana held me and let me cry. And cry.

We thought the aviary was secure, but something had pried up a corner of the wire where it was attached to the wood and gotten in. I was sick. I almost threw up. I couldn’t stop crying. I had to keep my mind from imagining the carnage.

Nolemana has fixed the aviary so that now, nothing can get in. I found a source for some doves and have to wait about a month for the babies to get big enough to be on their own. In the meantime, I hear no cooing during the day or at night. One of my doves loved to coo in the night, and I loved hearing him when I woke up.

I still cry. I know we live in an area with skunks and weasels and possums and raccoons. We suspect one of the first two. It happened in the middle of the night, and I didn’t hear a thing. I’m having a hard time not blaming myself.

Okay pau. No can write nomo.

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Montana Road Trip 2010, Chapter Forty-One

Ai yah!! No can believe how long it’s been!! Let’s go back to Idaho, okay? When I left off last time, we were heading south on Highway 95 and had stopped at Mary McCroskey State Park and taken a walk through it. Here’s an aerial view of the area.


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