365 Days 2023, Numbah Twelve

February 26th

The snow is still here!
Dark-Eyed Junco, not the daily hummingbird.
Daily hummingbird, oh so grateful for the feeder on a snowy day.
The snow has started to melt.
Daily hummingbird in action.
Snowy view.
Sunset daily hummingbird.

February 27th

I know I post plenny snow photos, but for this island girl, it’s still a novelty!

The snow is still trying to melt.
The roads are clear, but we’re not.
Daily hummingbird.
I got down the driveway today!! Yippee!!
The snow was small kine slushy, and I got through just fine.
Snow piled up at the gym from where the plow piled it up after clearing the parking lot.
Sunshine Valley Road as I headed home.
Our driveway was all clear by the time I got home.

February 28th

Still a tiny amount of snow on the lānai.
Keola up in the window.
It’s still been cold, so all the snow hasn’t melted yet.
Coming out from a friend’s house…it had snowed a bit and I had snowflakes on my windshield.
Old barn and snowy fields.
Can you see the Red-Tailed Hawk up there?
Snow falling at the Boring/Damascus Post Office.
Snowy Sunshine Valley Road as I headed home from Boring.
And yep, we got more snow!
My amazing daughter’s book just released today! She writes about her cancer journey in this book. I’m so proud of her!!
Almost pau with this hat…I have to add uku plenny French knots for the flowers now.

The daily hummingbird and I never connected today. So sad.

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2 Responses to 365 Days 2023, Numbah Twelve

  1. AFK says:

    (1) You’re an author mama!!! That’s so exciting! Congratulations!
    (2) I understand your fascination with snow. I’m da same way. Although I’m really OVER with it being so danged cold so late in the season! Can’t believe it was 34 degrees and FROSTY at sunrise this morning! Spring arready, fo’ cryin’ out loud!
    (3) I really love the old barn and snowy fields photo. And your Keola is such a handsome boy.
    (4) Were you inspired by the confidence in finishing Laura’s cap to tackle the Grand Teton kit?

    • Mokihana says:

      1: I am so proud of her for wanting to help others having to go through cancer.
      2: It was choke frosty this morning here, too… our furnace even came on at 2 a.m.!!
      3: I’m glad you like the old barn photo… I hope it doesn’t fall down anytime soon. And yeah, Keola is such a sweetie.
      4: Actually, I started the Grand Teton hat long before Laura’s one… Laura’s was challenging because the pattern was ‘way more complex.

      5: Mahalo for your wonderful comments and questions!

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