365 Days 2023, Numbah Two

Ho, nothing like getting behind again! Shoots!

January 6th

This big fir tree blew over across the street from the PO during the windstorm we just had.
See the roots?

Daily hummingbird collage.

January 7th

Ballerina daily hummingbird.

January 8th

Daily hummingbird in the rain.
There’s another hummingbird on the back side of the feeder, and this one wasn’t happy!
Daily hummingbird in sideways rain. The rain was really hitting the sliding door hard!

January 9th

A patch of blue in a very cloudy sky.
Almost about to turn over! I wasn’t sure if I could stop to catch it, so took this one just in case.
But it worked out! Musubi was impressed.
Daily hummingbird in more sideways rain.
Very brave daily hummingbird; I don’t know how he can fly in rain like this.
He just sat out there in the pouring rain. There’s plenty of cover for him elsewhere, but I guess he decided he had to protect the feeder.

January 10th

A couple of action shots of the daily hummingbird.

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1 Response to 365 Days 2023, Numbah Two

  1. AFK says:

    I feel for the hummer sitting in the pouring rain thinking he had to protect his food sources. January in the PNW. Sometimes I wish I could hibernate for a couple of months and wake up when it’s warmer.

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