365 Days, Numbah Sixty

November 11th

Daily hummingbird.
Kalakoa decided to snuggle up in the comforter we were going to put on the bed.
A pesky former gym friend left this on my kawila today.

November 12th

Daily hummingbird.
Daily hummingbird.

November 13th

Keola photobomb.
Hard to get a daily hummingbird sunset shot!
Nani sunset.
Daily hummingbird: tail only.
So beautiful!! I love the wispy clouds.

November 14th

Daily hummingbird.
Two robins and a flicker!
Two robins at the birdbath.

November 15th

Acrobatic daily hummingbird.
Times two!
F-15 daily hummingbird.
Angel daily hummingbird.
Acrobatic daily hummingbird times two.
My handspun neck warmie da kine is coming along well.
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6 Responses to 365 Days, Numbah Sixty

  1. AFK says:

    Wow, laulau, planny fo catch up reading! Love your kitty photos, especially Keola’s photobombs. Was he watching da hummingbird or something else? Da close-up of da hummer on da 12th is outstanding. An’ mo bettah you get da spam on yo’ kawila dan in yo’ email! At leas’ can eat da one from yo’ fren.

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