365 Days, Numbah Fifty-Seven

October 26th

Daily hummingbird.
Getting creative; my seahorse wanted to model my shawl.
Two Flickers at the suet feeders.

October 27th

Get choke photos today!

Daily hummingbird in the early morning.
Lovely aspen across the road.
Hahahaha… Jill biting into one of the goodies in our food delivery batch today.
Had choke stuffs today.
Kerrie (on the left) designed all the artwork for this quilt that her mom sewed for her. Kerrie is an amazing artist; you should go check out her website. I love sending her cards.
This is the back of the quilt. Isn’t it fabulous?
Bear photo at the community room where The Gathering met today.
Ducks on a log as I was leaving today.
And two geese as I was driving by.
Autumn color at the bottom of our driveway.
And a lovely sunset to end the day.

October 28th

Two daily hummingbirds!
Da gym posse. They alla time come over to where I’m exercising to talk story.

October 29th

Daily hummingbird hiding in the freshly rained-on tomatoes.
Daily hummingbird.

October 30th

Daily hummingbird antics.
Daily hummingbird still at last.
Lovin’ the autumn colors.

October 31st

Daily hummingbird.
Beautiful trees along our neighbors’ driveway.
Our neighbors across the valley turned on their outdoor Christmas tree already.
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4 Responses to 365 Days, Numbah Fifty-Seven

  1. Lady Tie Di says:

    Your gym posse, hahahaha how cute is that! Darling quilt your friend did and what a dreamy sunset picture you got!!! Nice! oxoxo

    • Mokihana says:

      Mahalo! Yeah, those guys…I’m glad to see them when I do. I love the quilt, too. I always appreciate you stopping by.

  2. AFK says:

    I second everything that Lady Tie Di said above. Thank you also for all da manu and autumn pitchas. And your shawl is beautiful.

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