365 Days, Numbah Fifty-Five

October 16th

WordPress isn’t letting me do captions right now, so it’s taking me longer to post stuffs. But here we go…

Daily hummingbird.

Bob fixes the glass in our railing.

Daily hummingbird zooming away from the last hollyhock bloom.

October 17th

A few daily hummingbird photos:

Beautiful eggs from our neighbor. I especially love the dark ones.

Our new stairs and the elevator that Nolemana’s dad built…when he was about 90 years old and couldn’t do the stairs anymore. His “apartment” was downstairs. Bob still has to add the platform ontop.

October 18th

Blurry failures at trying to get daily hummingbird shots. Ha ha.

Lovely morning shot of the view…smoke from burn piles adding to the scene.

Olson Farms red barn across the valley.

Log home where The Gathering met today.

We had two visitors today at The Gathering…

…as well as a dragon!

Sunset daily hummingbirds.

October 19th

This was parked at the bottom of our pasture. Our neighbor was using it but it quit before it got to his place.

Our other neighbors’ aspens beginning to change color.

Smiley hay bale at Olson Farms.

Keola’s chubby cheeks big and fluffy.

…and then all smoothed out.

Daily hummingbird.

Very smoky (from burn piles) across the valley.

Very pretty sunset.

October 20th

Morning valley view.

Food deliveries. Plenny cans of green beans and bread, among other stuffs. I’ve added another delivery point now…the food goes to two food banks.

Marshmallow clouds today.

Daily hummingbird.

Keola finishing off my yogurt. He loves it!

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4 Responses to 365 Days, Numbah Fifty-Five

  1. AFK says:

    I especially liked the sunset, sunset/hummingbird, and misty/smoke photos. Did you fluff up Keola’s fur then pat it down again for those two shots? It looks like he got his facial hair trimmed down! I’ve never seen pumpkin bale covers before, but I live in the city, so that’s probably why. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Lady Tie Di says:

    Always fun pics but I sure love Keola’s mustache!!!

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