Two-Day Road Trip to Leavenworth, Chapter Two

Here we’re heading up the hill towards Goldendale. We’d been on this highway several years ago, only going in the opposite direction. So it was like new territory for us.
There are a lot more vineyards than there used to be in the area.
Still going up the hill; it sure was hot and dry.
There were a lot of wind turbines, which isn’t surprising considering how much win there is in the Columbia Gorge.
Lots of choices here! Even though North is West, soon it’ll be north again. Huh?
Yep. Lots and lots of wind turbines.
You don’t realize how huge they are till you get up closer to them.
Mt Adams through the haze.
We have friends in Goldendale, but didn’t have time to stop for a visit.
Whoo hoo!!! Pīpī for AFK!!

It really is kinda funny about the pīpī photos we take. I’m always watching for them, and when I spot them, I kinda yell, “pīpī!!!!!!” and Nolemana races to focus the camera, I roll down his window, and he snaps the shot. Teamwork, yeah?

The same can be said for barns!

Barns appear awfully quickly, too, when we’re going 55 mph. And try look the Victorian house in the distance.
I love looking at houses with turrets. I picture a novelist up there, working on a new book.
We’re still climbing. The elevation here was about 2645′. Nolemana is so good about writing down stuffs for me to include in my blog posts.
Downhill we go as the passing lane ends. Just about here we entered the Yakima Nation area.
Shoots. Our first road construction. Bridge repair. Good thing I allowed extra travel time.
We passed through a lovely forested area. There were lots of Douglas Firs and pine trees.
Uphill again. It was about 90° now.
It was now noon; it sure was dry and barren here.
We came around a corner and could see the valley down below us for the first time. I think this was about at mile marker 50.
It was good seeing all the green after miles and miles of barrenness.
We began seeing a lot of field corn. Musubi was down in the shade so that he wouldn’t get too hot and faded.
Yeah, lots and lots of field corn!
We’re gonna be heading north again.
Wapato: our next planned break. I’d done my research and knew exactly where to go. It was a great stop, which will be in the next post.
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