365 Days Numba Eight

February 16th

Artsy daily hummingbird wing.
The real daily hummingbird.
I got to the green section of the braid.
Really cool tire da kine on the rig in front of me!

February 17th

Lots of food deliveries to do today.
Hee hee… This was my shadow today. It was so darn cold and I was wearing my reindeer hat. Yep, I’m weird like that.

Oh. You wanna see the hat? K’den.

Miss B. resting in the sunshine.
Daffodils coming up!
Christmas cactus blooming again.
Ack!! Gonna get piled on. Nah nah. I was waiting in the car for our lumber and this stack was getting loaded onto the trailer next to me.
For fence repair. Good thing I have a van!
Daily hummingbird.
Test: Find the hummingbird!
Another cold and lovely sunset.

February 19th

Daily hummingbird on a very foggy day.
I’m in the purple part of the braid.
This is where it changed colors. I’m really loving this spin.

February 20th

Daily hummingbird. I moved the pineapple feeder to the kitchen window; when it was next to the red feeder it wasn’t getting used at all. But by itself, the hummers like it.
Sideways rain and a beautiful sky.

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3 Responses to 365 Days Numba Eight

  1. AFK says:

    Love all yo’ pitchas. Nice to see da daffodils comin’ up. Mahaloz fo’ sharing, Moki-chan!

  2. Lady Tie Di says:

    Soooooooooo drooling over the green and the purple yarns…..yum!!! AND so nice to finally see yer smiling face! Now I know 😉 oxoxoxoxo

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