Montana Road Trip 2020, Chapter Forty-nine

Nothing like leaving you folks stranded in the Palouse country for two whole years! I’m sorry for the long delay. Blame it on Covid or quarantining or something. I’d really like to get this finished after so long. Sheesh to da max. I can hardly believe that we took this trip twelve years ago!

So here we are in Palouse country…I do love the wide open spaces.

We passed another vineyard. This must be a great area to grow grapes.

I can’t tell what kind of trees these are, and I can’t find the photos folder where we kept track of all of our photos. But it looks like an orchard to me.

Another vineyard. It reminds me of how, one way or another, we’re all linked together in this world. We can support one another as best we can, through drought and snow and rain and hard times.

We can spread joy, or peace, or comfort…or we can sow strife. It’s our choice. I prefer the former…it’s like watering the land.

This is how far we’ve come since we left Waitsburg, on Highway 124, which I wrote about in Chapter 48.

When you come to a fork in the road, take it!

We’ll be going northwest towards Pasco and will cross over the Snake River over the Vaughn Hubbard Bridge.

Da Snake River. We saw it all the time when we lived in Idaho.

Snake River. We’re crossing it south to north.

Still on the bridge.

Now we’re heading north for a bit, around Pasco, and then south onto Highway 82.

Here’s our turnoff. Pendleton is the first sign we’ve seen for Oregon.

The Blue Bridge crossing over the Columbia River, which divides Oregon and Washington, is ‘way up there ahead of us.

Blue Bridge up ahead

We’re getting closer!

Da Blue Bridge really is blue.

Da blue bridge

Crossing the Columbia River. I always wonder what it would look like without the dams.

I’m always so grateful to Nolemana for taking such great photos as we’re driving. I ask him to take a photo, and he does! We have a plan. I say, “Can you get that?”, roll down his window, he takes the shot, and I roll up his window again. Teamwork, I tell ya.

I love the color of this bridge!

Da blue bridge

Now you can see how we’re heading south into Oregon.

Another shot of the lowering sun on the Columbia River.

Columbia River looking makai.

And here’s our turnoff for Highway 82. This will be the last highway till we get to I-84.

And so ends this part of our trip so far. Next time, Chapter 50!

Pau Chapter 49
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6 Responses to Montana Road Trip 2020, Chapter Forty-nine

  1. Lady Tie Di says:

    better late than never….still interesting shots!!!

  2. maryinnz says:

    I wonder if I could train my husband to take photos like that. I doubt it, somehow.

  3. AFK says:

    Woohoo! Road trip pix! Mahaloz to Nolemana for taking such awesome photos.
    I love this thought, Moki-chan: “We can spread joy, or peace, or comfort…or we can sow strife. It’s our choice. I prefer the former…it’s like watering the land.” I am not always successful in spreading positivity, but you have inspired me to try harder. Thank you!

    • Mokihana says:

      Mahalo for your sweet words. I think we all have to work at spreading positivity; these days it’s really hard to, though. You spread it with your daily morning photos.

      And just think: pau this series, I will start our 2013 road trip!

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