Dalles Mountain Road and Wildflowers 2005, Chapter 3

Before we head down the mountain, here’s a video showing how windy it can get in the Columbia River Gorge. And really, this is nothing compared to the wild East wind days that we get, especially during the winter. I’m amazed that the wildflowers are still standing after getting this blown!

We headed back down Centerville Road towards Lyle.

It’s really interesting country here, and is lovely at all times of the year. I was glad when we were able to see this old barn.

We then headed makai, towards the sea, on Highway 14. I like taking this route home because the railroad tracks are close to the road, and also, there are lots of tunnels. Betcha didn’t know that I like tunnels, too. Not as much as trains, though. My ideal tunnel is when we can get a photos of a train coming out of one…on the tracks, not on the highway, of course. Heh heh. The Columbia River is to our left.

The poppies and phlox were blooming alongside the road.

At Hood River, the windsurfers were having a wonderful time. There was a lot of wind, and whitecaps gave them quite a challenge.

Our first tunnels. Can you tell that it’s a double tunnel?

I really should read up on how these tunnels were carved out of solid rock. In these Covid-19 days, this photo reminds me that there really is light at the end of the tunnel…and it’s not coming from a train.

Try look these yellow flowers growing right out of the rocks! I don’t know what kind they are, but I sure do admire their persistence.

I only took one Geology class in college, and seeing these rock formations I wish I’d taken more. They’re fascinating!

I also love the contrast between the softness of the flowers and the hardness of the rocks.

The Columbia River Gorge is so beautiful! I know it was formed by the Missoula Flood, yet it’s hard to imagine the force of that water and ice that created this lovely area.

The kite surfers were enjoying the wind! The whitecaps seemed to give them extra leverage to rise up high on the currents. Sometimes the river is really calm, but not today!

Kite surfers

Separate tunnels for motor vehicles and trains. I would’ve been in train heaven if we’d seen one coming through its tunnel.

The train tunnel switched sides of the highway.

The sign reads, “Bikes in tunnel when flashing: 30 mph.” I like that cyclists’ safety is important.

On this side of the Cascade Mountains, the terrain is much drier than on the makai side.

At Cascade Locks, we could see the forested areas in Oregon, marking that we were now crossing into lush areas of green.

Waterfall! Now the lushness is really evident.

We crossed over to the Oregon side of the river at Cascade Locks, driving across the Bridge of the Gods. Driving over this bridge is a wonderful experience, allowing us to look up and down the river as we pass over it.

Once we were on the Oregon side of the river, we saw the sternwheeler! When Nolemana’s dad lived with us, we took him for a ride on it, and he loved it!

We’ve ridden on it at other times, too, and it’s always a grand adventure. Maybe we’ll do it again when it’s safe again. If you ever see me there, I’ll be the one up on deck, wind blowing in my hair, enjoying the freedom of being on the water.

Until next time, mālama pono! And mahalo again for traveling along with us.

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4 Responses to Dalles Mountain Road and Wildflowers 2005, Chapter 3

  1. AFK says:

    Wow! I love the sternwheeler! That’s really cool. Your photo of the waterfall made me homesick–so many times after a hard rain I’d look up at the Ko`olaus and see ukumillion waterfalls. Thanks for taking us along, Moki-chan!

    • Mokihana says:

      I know what you mean. I miss the Koʻolau waterfalls too. I always think of home when I see them too. The sternwheeler is really wonderful to go on…plenny people stay inside, but not me!

  2. Snow says:

    Ahhh….I needed a travel break! 11 inches of snow over the last two days-the plows cant keep up with it! Nice reminder that Spring is coming….eventually. 😉
    At least the worsted weight knitting season has been extended lol.

    • Mokihana says:

      Hi Snow..thank you so much for your comment. I love seeing new faces here. 11″ of snow is ‘way too much for me, but you’re right about the extended knitting season in worsted weight!

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