Red Sunset Park 1

Nolemana and I had been doing our walk in Boring and Gresham, and this day we decided to walk at Red Sunset Park, also in Gresham. I’m glad we did, because that’s where I’ve been walking ever since. (Nolemana goes with me on Sundays.) This is what the entrance looked like.

It was beautifully shady.

Bags are provided for dog owners, for which I was grateful. On one walk elsewhere we’d been on, we had to avoid the stuff that people didn’t clean up and we haven’t been back since. Gotta love “DogiPot”!

One reason I like this park is that there’s a huge pond with two large fountains in it.

And of course, since there’s water, there’s this! It made my heart happy.

I think we were there at duck nap time.

We hadn’t brought any popcorn (we never take bread because it’s bad for them), so they pretty much ignored us and kept sleeping as we walked by them.

Up ahead there was a small gazebo.

Abstract shot: duck at the base of the fountain, from the gazebo.

The water lilies were abundant and beautiful. I hope to see them blooming next spring.

I should call this duck “Moses”. LOL.

Because he’s in the bullrushes, ya know.

The Canada Geese on the other side of the park were wide awake and watchful. There are no Goose-iPotis, though, and we had to watch where we stepped. I didn’t care because I love the geese so much.

We did have a small Goose jam, though, and waited for them to cross. The crow moved, too.

There’s a second gazebo with benches for resting and relaxing, and/or watching the pond.

This guy did come up to us to check out whether or not we had some goodies for him. Or her.

We came to this cool wooden bridge that spans a drainage area when there’s lots of rain, which drains into the pond.

“Moses” came out to say hi before we crossed the bridge. He’s obviously a hybrid. But really, aren’t we all? Edit: Thanks to Lady Tie Di, I learned he’s a Muscovy duck.

Views on and from the bridge.

Geese in a line.

We circled around to walk on a second bridge. What a lovely walk we were on!

This is the view to the first bridge.

This is the view of the soccer field from the bridge.

There’s a playground for the keiki, too.

We were so glad we’d come here for our walk!

Guess what was waiting for us at the end of our walk!

Umm… no. We resisted its siren call and I felt most virtuous.

I’ve walked here many more times since that day, and it was wonderful to see the changing season. Stay tuned and mahalo for walking along with us this day.

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4 Responses to Red Sunset Park 1

  1. Lady Tie Di says:

    hahahaha Goose jam…. And, Moses is a Muscovy Duck, just so ya know! What a lovely park. I love when you take us along with you oxoxox

    • Mokihana says:

      Hahahaha! Thank you for this. I’ve heard of Muscovys, but didn’t know that’s what Moses is. Gonna edit my post now. I’ve got more coming and am so glad to have you along.

  2. AFK says:

    What a pretty park! I especially like your abstract photo with the water and waterfowl.

    Funny–I’ve seen gooseberry jam but never saw a goose jam like that!

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