Quarantine Holoholo to Red Sunset Park

Yesterday our holoholo was at Red Sunset Park in Gresham. We haven’t been there in years and years, and decided it was high time we went back. We’d only been there for picnics at the covered area, but had never walked all the way around the park. The weather wasn’t too hot, so off we went.

The park is about 14 acres, and the walk all the way around is about a half mile.  The trees are beautiful (if I remember right, a bunch of them came down during an ice storm a few years ago, though).  This is the start of our walk.

Several people had their dogs with them, and this was a convenience for them.  Dogi-Pot. Kewt, yeah?

Just after we passed this, we saw a beautiful dog with her owner. They both politely stopped at the side of the path to let us by…great social distancing. We stopped to admire Jazzy and had a really nice talk with her owner, who’d driven for hours and hours to Eastern Washington to get her as a four month old puppy. Jazzy’s a cross between an Australian Shepherd and a Golden Retriever. and is now seven months old and very obedient.  At times like this, having a perfectly normal conversation with someone, Covid seems a bit further away.

There’s a wonderful pond with two huge fountains in the park. This is one of the fountains.

One of the things I love about this park, maybe even the best thing, is that there’s lots of ducks and geese here. Even Canada Geese, my favorites.  When we got here, it was Ducky Nap Time.  One goose was standing guard while the other had its head tucked under its wing for a nap.

Ducky Nap Time:

The reeds back there would make a great hiding place.

Here you can see the two fountains. Maybe making lullabies for the ducks? We were here just after one p.m.

I hadn’t seen many Canada Geese till we used to spend a week in October at South Lake Tahoe; I fell in love with them there.

Walking on just a bit further we saw more napping ducks. They didn’t stir at all as we walked by.

We saw a gazebo up ahead, and of course wanted to walk into it.

Check out all the water lilies! The cool thing is that right now I’m spinning some fiber called Water Lilies.

I bet these are gorgeous when they’re blooming.

And try look this duck standing in the spray of the fountain!

Here’s a video of the pond.

What do my eyes spy? See anything? What is it?

It’s a goose! I told you good hiding place!

We left the gazebo, rounded a corner, and wowzie!! So many Canada Geese! Not napping.

And a crow, too.  I love how the geese are lined up as though they’re marching toward the pond.

The geese definitely had their eyes on the dog in the background.

We had our eyes on the ground to avoid goose poop. Which really wasn’t all that bad and was easy to avoid. There’s another gazebo up ahead, too.

This guy (or gal?) looked straight at us and I talked to him/her, telling her we were safe. “I not going bodda u,” I said. And she understood Hawaiian Pidgin and stayed right there. LOL.

I hadn’t remembered this many geese from before, but then we weren’t over in this area, either.

We said aloha to the geese and headed for the bridge up ahead.

This is the bridge and the view from it. I loved arch bridges…they’re so much more graceful than flat ones. Better to keep the water away, too.

You can definitely see the two fountains from here, and there’s the gazebo we went to.

We got such a kick out of seeing these geese all lined up as they walked!

There was another bridge up ahead of us.

So of course we had to walk up to that one, too.

Not so much water here. But it was sure a pretty view!

Pretty view of the park from the bridge.

Nani view of the park from here.

This is the playground. Obviously. And beyond that is the covered picnic area where we’d been before.

Conveniently, an ice cream truck drove up as we rounded the next curve in the path. But we didn’t get any. We felt virtuous. Funny thing, though, one of the songs it was playing was a Christmas carol!

We were so pleased that we’d come here for our holoholo, and we’re going to go back again today. And again and again till the weather won’t let us. Mahalo for joining us on our holoholo!

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4 Responses to Quarantine Holoholo to Red Sunset Park

  1. Lady Tie Di says:

    You would make such a fabulous travel writer!! I love your observations, good pictures…just sayin’ 😉 Mahalo for the holoholo!

  2. AFK says:

    What a pretty park. Thanks for taking us along, Moki-chan. And be safe down there.

    • Mokihana says:

      Mahalo nui, my friend. We’re at Level 1 evacuation, so packing up stuffs in case we have to leave. That wouldn’t be a holoholo I’m looking forward to.

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