Quarantine Da Kine

Ho, time for one da kine! I’m writing this while munching on some ʻono Hood River cherries; there’s a guy who drives down from there and sells them along Highway 212. I look forward to seeing him every year.

Tour de Fleece is pau today; even though the Tour de France was postponed till September, spinners on Ravelry decided that we’d go ahead and spin as if it hadn’t been. I’ll post photos once my yarns are dry.

Nolemana put up this little birdhouse and not too long later I heard little peeps coming from it! I really didn’t think it would get used, but it did. A mama Bewick’s Wren wasn’t happy about me going too close to it, though. I know you can’t see anything, but there was definitely a baby or two in there! I have this cool app that identifies birds by their calls and songs, so I knew what kind of bird it was.

My Bird of Paradise were blooming! So exciting!

I’m involved in four Zoom chats a week; I usually spend the first hour spinning during them, then knitting the second. It’s good to be in touch with my Gathering and Ravelry friends but I sure do miss seeing them in person. I miss going to the gym; I miss the cardio and I miss seeing my gym friends. But I won’t go now because they’re not enforcing the mask mandate, not even all the staff. And I’m just not willing to take the chance, especially because Nolemana has a bulls-eye on his back. I wish things were different; my friends still go, but not me.

In the meantime, Nolemana and I are walking along the Springwater Trail in Boring. It actually feels good to be out, waving and saying hi to people we don’t know as they walk or ride by, and listening to bird song along the way.

Start of the trail in Boring. Nani da flowers!

On July 4th, I watched the fireworks from our lānai.

I made Toll House cookies for the first time in years. I like sharing them.

My Bird of Paradise matched the sunset one night. I am really pleased with this photo.

Ho da kewt, yah?

We’re partnering with Chris Olson and Jill Rowland of Burns and Olson Realtors to distribute food to those in need. I love that we can participate in this! They bring us boxes of food and we give them out to people who can use them. Besides being our Realtors, they’re terrific people as well.

We went for another holoholo along the Springwater Corridor. I keep hoping some horses and their riders will come by.

At the start of the trail there are tons of these bricks with peepsʻ names on them.

I read the interesting information about the original railway station in Boring.

My Christmas/Easter cactus apparently thinks itʻs time to bloom. Crazy!

I love this photo of Kalakoa and her shadow. The sun was coming through the sliding door in the dining room.

Something thatʻs really lifting my spirits is being part of the Hamajang Gang on Daily Pidgin Live, hosted by Andy Bumatai. Itʻs live here at 6:30 each evening (afternoon Hawaiʻi time), and weʻre forming quite a wonderful community there. Locals and non-locals from all over the world join us, and we all chat together during the time we’re together. Andy does a 4-minute quiet time at a local beach where we watch and listen to the ocean, and he also does a holoholo around Oʻahu, and once on the Big Island. Being part of this community helps my homesickness and feelings of isolation. We’re on Day 83 today and haven’t missed a day yet.

K’den. Pau for now. Mahalo nui for tagging along!

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9 Responses to Quarantine Da Kine

  1. Michelle says:

    I’ll have to look up Bewick’s wrens to see if those are the busy little wrens around here. I’ve never seen so many as we have this year! I’ve never gotten to ride the Springwater Corridor, since there are closer trails to get to that don’t involve driving through Portland – NOT fun hauling horses!

    • Mokihana says:

      No, hauling wouldn’t be fun for sure! I have this cool app on my phone that helps me ID bird calls and songs…it’s called Bird Net. That’s how I learned about the Bewick’s… “mine” are so skittish and it’s hard to ID them by sight. Once I knew what to look for, it was easier.

  2. AFK says:

    Moki-chan, your photos are sooooo great. I too love the bird of paradise with the sunset in the background. I love that you’re doing good and doing well–staying away from crowds and helping your community. I have added about five birds to my bird life list since stay-at-home orders. What is your birdsong ID app? I have the Audubon bird recognition app, but it’s based on appearance, not song. That sounds like a fascinating app.

    • Mokihana says:

      The app is called Bird Net and I love it. Sometimes it can’t figure out the call but generally it does really well.

      • AFK says:

        Another great bird resource is a birder on Twitter whose handle is @JasonWardNY. He very kindly ID’d a bird whose song I couldn’t for the life of me identify.
        Mahalo for sharing the name of your app! I goin’ try ’em!

  3. Bonnie K. Aldinger says:

    Nice post! LOVE that you have a bird of paradise. 🙂
    Looking forward to seeing your yarns. I don’t knit but I love handmade wools.

    • Mokihana says:

      Mahalo nui! So happy for your comment, Bonnie. The Bird of Paradise does come in during the winter here, but it’s worth the trouble. I have 3 pots of them now, and I had 3 blooms this year!

  4. Lady Tie Di says:

    OH, Mokihana, what a wonderful share! I know where you are and I love seeing your perspective on it, not to mention your adorable kitties! Love the Bird of Paradise with the sunset. I’m going to check your blog for pics of your yarns (and I love that, “Tour de Fleece” hahaha)
    Mahalo from your fellow Hamajanger! oxoxo

    • Mokihana says:

      Aloha, my fellow Hamajanger! I’m so happy you stopped by!! Let’s keep in touch. I’m gonna check out your blog, too!

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