CV-19 Quarantine Day Twenty-Four

Okay, the last time I was out in public was March 12th to go shopping at New Seasons with Nolemana. It was there and back, no other place. It feels longer than that. Since then he’s been totally at home, and the only trips out I’ve made have been to the vet with Kalakoa and the Post Office. Oh, and East Wind Computers to pick up a web cam.  But even before that it wasn’t like I was going to lots of places. As of last Monday, we’ve cut that all back and aren’t going anywhere. I am more than grateful for two of our friends who’ve gotten groceries for us. And they’ll do it again. Nolemana has three serious risk factors and I don’t want to bring anything home. So I’m staying home, too.

I’ve been knitting and handspinning. I look at the clutter on my desk and will get to that next week. I’ve been cooking meals, doing all the laundry, keeping in touch with my peeps online. And I do walk outside on our driveway several times a day and do my knee exercises. I do miss the gym.  A lot. Yet I’m grateful that I can walk and exercise here. I do the exercises I was given to do post-op.

This robin kept me company while I walked today.

Usually hummingbirds are solo feeders because they’re so territorial, but these two actually shared a feeder. Maybe they’re a mated pair.

We’ve had a bunch of hail.

I watched divers feed the fish on the Monterey Bay’s streaming webcam.

And learned that my dad-in-law’s knife, which we inherited, was a tourist version of a gaucho knife.

I love the horse head on it.

I finished spinning Maxwell’s Shetland fleece. You can read its story here.

We got a new watering da kine for the kitties.

I made Hungarian Mushroom Soup from scratch. So ‘ono!

Kalakoa has had to make several trips to the vet; she has a persistent sneeze/coughing infection going on. We’re now on our second antibiotic, which I have to give to her; it can’t be mixed with food. She’s getting very wary of us in the evenings.

I did more spinning.

And yeah, I picked up my guitar again. Man, I’m sure out of practice! My fingers don’t wanna stretch on that G chord anymore, and I’m hoping that practice will get me where I want to go. I can’t believe how easy it used to be for me.

I finished my Hawai’i Volcanoes Hat!

Guess that’s it for now… mahalo for waiting for me.


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5 Responses to CV-19 Quarantine Day Twenty-Four

  1. Michelle says:

    Thanks for checking in; glad you’re both well!

  2. AFK says:

    Moki-chan, I’m glad to know that you and Nolemana are well and safe. Thanks for sharing all those wonderful photos. I’m also glad to know that you are being productive and have good friends and support around you.

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