Autumn Colors

This year it looks like we’ve gone from summer to winter…no warm temps in the 70’s as usual, as it’s been for years and years. Nope. There hasn’t been any in-between season marking the end of warm and hot days and cold ones.

But oh, the colors!! They’re the same, so absolutely breathtaking that I wish they’d last for at least two months. They’re almost too much to take in and absorb. So I go places with my camera and try to capture their beauty before they disappear for another year, maybe thinking that somehow I can make them last and fill up my soul during the gray winter months.

I took a drive down Butler Road near Persimmon Golf Course in Gresham and almost cried because of the trees’ beauty.  The Liquidambers are stunning, and I’ll probably take this drive again in the next couple of days.

Their colors stand out better on cloudy days.

Be still my heart!


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2 Responses to Autumn Colors

  1. AFK says:

    Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. Thanks for sharing!

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