Da Kine Numbah 7

Many days passed…

…and here I am again, four months post-op +/-.  And really doing quite well, all things considered. I’m driving again. Poor Nolemana had to be my chauffeur for weeks and weeks, and now he can focus on work again. And I’m ‘way more independent. I can sit at the computer for longer periods now, and have started spinning again. That feels wonderful!

We got through this…many days of this in February. This was on the 8th.

And this:

I started knitting again. A pair of handwarmers for my pharmacist.

I kept going to PT.

My cough drop wrappers encouraged me every day!

Finished the handwarmers.

Started spinning again, small kine.

Received an amazing gift from a friend (a yarn bowl, hand-crafted).

Had a wonderful visit with my cousin from Alaska.

Had a checkup with my surgeon. I passed!

Nolemana put up a hummingbird feeder right outside the bedroom window for me.

Marjorie and I participated in the Antique Spinning Wheel Showcase. She spun on my antique wheel since I couldn’t do it yet.

Our Daphne bloomed!!!

Sakura trees at PT.

Our own driveway Sakura trees.

Two hummers at the same feeder! Amazing!

I’m doing stairs! First time, made it to 8 of them. Then back down again. My gym really needs to fix these.

I drove myself to Sunriver for a retreat with my Gathering friends…I stayed for two nights, they were there for four . But I was happy for the two. Spent lots of time sitting/knitting out here on the lānai.

And finally, we got da puka fixed in the middle of the driveway! I loved watching Orvill doing the flame-throwing.

K’den. Sorry for the long absence. Foa realz. I’ve been having to spend time updating my old posts since Photobucket changed their polices/costs and lots of my photos I can’t access anymore.

My leg is now straight! I still go gym four days a week and am almost pau with PT. Slow but sure, but I can now do things that I haven’t been able to do for years and years.

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2 Responses to Da Kine Numbah 7

  1. AFK says:

    Moki-chan, you ROCK. I know this was hard and painful. But I’m so happy to see you emerging on the other side, all your hard work and patience paying off. Imua!

    • Mokihana says:

      Yeah, this recovery was/is really hard. And ho da pain! But I’m so grateful my leg is straight now. Mahalo plenny for your encouragement, sistah… it really helps me to keep going.

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