One Week Post-Op

I’m still here. I made it through. Right now my days are taken up with exercises. And more exercises. And physical therapy. Then turn around and do it all over again.  Nolemana has been absolutely fantastic, helping me with almost everything.

I forgot I took so many photos in the hospital. Better living through chemistry, yeah?

My surgery was scheduled for 8:30 a.m., but we still had to be at the hospital by 5:30. Surgery went really well. Dr B was very pleased with how it turned out. It only took about 45 minutes once I got into the OR. I got lots of information from Patrick, my PT, about what happened during surgery. Pretty fascinating stuff, really. It’s a weird feeling to know that Patrick has seen the inside of my knee. He was so happy I gave permission for him to be there, because he had the chance to ask Dr B all kine questions, which Dr B was more than happy to answer.

The staff at the hospital was fabulous, from the time I got there till I left. I stayed in my room for a bit, where I found out that the hospital has art, music, and pet therapy! I requested pet therapy, but they weren’t there the two days I was there. Then they took me to the pre-op room where they got me ready for surgery. The chaplain came by, and prayed with us, then off I went, down through a maze of corridors to the operating room.

When I got to my room pre-op.

My view once I got into bed. Well, there was also a Smart TV up there…it was pretty amazing. I could’ve watched all kine stuffs, but never turned it on once except to go through the fact that I’d watched the hospital video.

Nolemana and Leilani waited for me during all the pre-op stuffs and then during surgery, which was amazingly short, only about 45 minutes. Hard to believe! Not that I was aware of it, mind you. Leilani brought me this adorable manu, who signifies that I will soon be flying! (Photobomb by my Spirometer, which I used faithfully).

They gave me lunch right away, and I had to take this photo for AFK. (By the way, the food was good, all meals.)

Leilani and Nolemana left around 4, and my other daughter, Anela, came by, and immediately wrote me a message on my whiteboard:

I was so touched! The nurses all said they’d never had anyone do anything like that before. I have amazing daughters!

This was the view out of my window, though I could only see the top of it from my bed. Very nice, and fabulous cloud formations.

The next day, September 11th. I was very aware of what the date was. How could I ever forget? This is what my whiteboard looked like. I’m not diabetic, but they put all their post-op patients on that kine menu because surgery can lots of times make some patients hyperglycemic.

The day after surgery my knee was feeling pretty good, and I thought, ‘Wow, I could have the other one done; no problem.’ Ummm, no. Because then all the numbing shots wore off.  I used a CPM machine at the hospital to keep my knee moving. The RNs and all staff were fabulous. I couldn’t have asked for better care.

I ended up being kept longer that normal, because the bp machine didn’t like me, and kept saying that my bp was majorly high. But when the RNs took it manually, it showed normal. But finally, I got this:

Cool, yeah??? This way everyone knows what’s going on.

I took one last photo of the view.

The RN at the hospital said I can have the kitties with me so long as we’re really careful about not letting them near my leg. They are much happier now; the first night pre-op I had to keep them out of the bedroom, and Kalakoa scratched, cried, and was unhappy all night long.

We had a couple of non-medical hiccups as we left the hospital, but it all worked out okay.  Once I got home, I had to start exercising right away. Let me tell you, this is a full-time job! No sooner do I get pau with one set, and I have to start them all over again. Icing my knee, too.

As soon as I got into bed at home, Keola showed up. They were all clamoring for my attention!

Then Kalakoa did.

And finally, Noelani.

I finally got to the point where I can manage by myself most nights and Nolemana doesn’t have to wake up. Mostly. I have to take meds round the clock, so set the alarm and get myself up to take them. And go shi shi.

PT is hard, no question. But I’m following orders and doing everything I’m supposed to do. Including wearing the compression hose, which is a huge pain in the ʻokole.

So mahalo for all your good thoughts, and AFK, I am so grateful for the card you and “dat kane” sent…it was such a joy to pick it up one day after PT!

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6 Responses to One Week Post-Op

  1. Michelle says:

    It sounds about as “wonderful” as surgery could; so glad! A friend of mine DID have both knees done at once; said it was the same recovery time that way, rather than 2x as much.

    • Mokihana says:

      I don’t know how in the world she did it! True, one recovering, but trying to get around…whew. Good for her… but I don’t think I’d wanna do it. I still have one more knee to go, maybe in 6 months or so.

      Thanks for your comment; I always love hearing from you.

  2. AFK says:

    Moki-chan, I’m glad to hear you’re recovering nicely. I know it’s hard, but you’re very brave, and it’ll be worth it. So good to hear you’re getting the kind of support you need and deserve.

  3. 96797lika says:

    Glad everything went well. Having good people work on you & take care of you in the hospital makes a big difference I think. Malama pono.

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