Hawaiian Time Post – Tour de Fleece

Oh, I have the best of best intentions to write posts. And then life happens. I got bogged down during Tour de Fleece, so I’m gonna start up again with all dem photos.

At da coffee shop. Me spinning, and my friend from the My Knitting Has Cat Hair In It team was my cheerleader.

The next day: Kalakoa models my finished bobbin. And the first blackberries were ripe.

Each of the other kitties get to star in a stage.

Noelani’s turn. And I learned how to use an Andean plying tool. Made from Curly Koa from Maui.

Stage 5 happened. Oh my gosh, that castle! Imagine living in something like that. With maids, of course. No way I could keep it clean.

Stage 6.  I kept spinning “Papaya” while Kalakoa and Noelani kept me company.  And oh, the fresh cherries!! I wait for them every single year and then eat them every day.


I’m gonna post more camel photos later. He’s looking so much better these days.


I get guava blooms, but never any fruit. So sad.

A lot of my spare time was spent spinning. Obviously. But I really did enjoy it, and the electric spinner that Nolemana bought for me made it all possible because I couldn’t spin for long with my hurt knee.

I liked spinning the different colorways, and making a nightly collage was fun, too.

Kalakoa was a good helper. Sorta.

Sometimes I included photos I took of the Tour de France from the TV. And one night I got up at 3 a.m. to discover a strange kitty outside the bedroom.

I finally finished spinning “Papaya”. Whoot!! I forgot to label this Stage. 17, for the record.

I loved getting the horse shot from the TV!

I helped to name both Makai and Mitra (Hawaiian middle names). It was such an honor. Karen, Glen, Nolemana, and I had a wonderful visit together.

Finish line entry. I had to run this skein through my wheel today to tighten up the plies. They’re still a bit looser than I’d like, but I’m much happier with the skein now.

So this is everything I spun during the Tour de Fleece. I’m pretty happy with all of it.

The really wonderful thing about this year’s tour was that it got me back spinning again, and now I haven’t stopped!

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3 Responses to Hawaiian Time Post – Tour de Fleece

  1. Michelle says:

    Such great collages of beautiful fiber, yarn, kitties, and locales!

  2. AFK says:

    Beautiful work! Nice to have an outside impetus to get back into doing something we love.

    BTW, check your Twitter feed.

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