Da Kine Numba Six

Time for anodda da kine!

My Christmas amaryllis from a year ago started blooming again!

This is how we do show and tell at Knit Group at the coffee shop: Toss the finished object to be admired across to the other people. In this case, it was a sock.

My Bird of Paradise is about to bloom!

Just one of many nani sunsets.

Our neighbors got their hay baled.

And a couple of days later, my Bird of Paradise opened up!! Ho da nani!

This is what I got Nolemana for his birthday. He loves it!

The camel is looking better.

And for a potluck, I wen make cone sushi outsai on da lānai. Ho da ʻono!! Nā manu singing all around me, da makani blowing in da trees, on a beautiful day.


Miss B got a rider. Do you see it?

I finished a cowl. Handspun yarn, and our lettuce looks good.

K’den. Now it’s July; I can hardly believe it. Tomorrow I see my dentist for the start of getting dental clearance for knee surgery. I need a new crown. $$$. Then in two weeks, I see da dentist again for total clearance. Then on to the next step. It’s gonna be a busy month. Send poi.

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2 Responses to Da Kine Numba Six

  1. AFK says:

    #1: Happy birthday Nolemana!
    #2: That shirt made me laugh out loud.
    #3: I’m glad the camel is doing better.
    #4: I didn’t know you could GROW Bird of Paradise up here! I’ve never seen it bloom this far north.
    #5: Ho da nani, all your yarn work.
    #6: Aue, Moki-chan. But your knees will feel soooooooo much better when you’re done.

  2. Mokihana says:

    Haha… love how you did that, numbering your comments lidat.
    Yeah, I’ve had Bird of Paradise for years…forget where I got the original one. We make (I use the word “we” loosely!) a greenhouse out on the small lānai outside our dining room. Wood framing, heavy mil plastic all around and on the floor, too. I think I now have about 4 of plants, because Nolemana divided the original one.

    Mahalo about da knees… I think I’ll have to wait about a year to get the second one done. But getting the first one done will help a lot.

    And mahalo for being such a faithful reader of this humble bloggie.

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