Trains and More Trains!

So you folks know how much I love trains. How, everytime Nolemana and I go anywhere, we’re alla time looking for trains to photograph. We’ve gotten some amazing shots throughout the Pacific Northwest, including Idaho and Montana.  I’ve been called a foamer. I prefer to think of myself as a railfan. I belong to several railfan groups on Facebook; I’ve seen and loved some amazing drone footage by people who follow trains from the air.

Adunno hacome I love trains so much; maybe because my dad used to work for Kahului Railroad on Maui. 

So you can imagine how delighted I was when, one day, I was watching youtube, and suddenly, on the right, all of a sudden I saw a train video. Of course I clicked on it. And oh my gosh, you guys…I couldn’t believe it!! It was a cab view video of a train in Wales. Yeah, Wales. The one across the ocean. It was as if I was right in the very front of that cab, as if I was maybe even the engineer!!  Try look da engine! And it’s a steam engine! (This particular video was shot from inside the passenger section, not the cab.)

And no, even though I’m part Welsh, I don’t know how to pronounce those names. The first one kinda looks like ‘carnation”. But I did learn something: everytime there’s a W sign next to the tracks, the engineer has to blow the train whistle.

I got to see tiny railroad stations, and water towers, and the incredibly lovely Welsh countryside.

There were tons of these old stone bridges along the way, too.

And try look this cool stone wall!

These cyclists waved to the train as it went by.

I loved the slow, meandering ride on this train so that I could take in the gorgeous countryside. But I also discovered that I could ride the high speed trains, too. This one’s in France.

I can even be in the cab on the Bullet Train in Japan!

I can go to Norway and ride through the snow!!

With the click of my mouse button, I can be in B.C.!

This has opened up worlds to me!!!  I can even go on the cog railroad up to the top of Pike’s Peak in Colorado!

So which one’s my favorite? Well, I keep going back to the slow train in Wales…I love the sound of the wheels as the train chugs along the tracks. I love seeing the countryside and the people.

Most of all, I love that I can go to parts of the world where I will undoubtedly never go and enjoy the sights of those countries. Oh, try wait. Most of all, I love the trains.

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6 Responses to Trains and More Trains!

  1. Michelle says:

    Oooh, that looks like fun even though I’m not a railfan! Off to “visit” Wales!

  2. AFK says:

    Moki-chan, we have friends who are model rail enthusiasts who call themselves “trainiacs,” a word I love.

    Also, do you get NHK World in your neck of the woods? They have several programs geared toward train enthusiasts:

    “Train Cruise”:
    “Japan Railway Journey”:

    I also love train travel. AND I always think of you when I see trains!

  3. Mokihana says:

    I love that!!! Trainiacs!! I haven’t heard of NHK and will definitely check it out. I belong to a couple of rallfan groups on Instagram, one that uses drone footage (far away from the trains…they are very respectful of the engineers’ space. Mahalo for the links!

    I would like to be called trainiac instead of foamer. A friend of mine’s hubby is a conductor and he says we’re foamers because we foam at the mouth when we see trains. LOL.

    • AFK says:

      For what it’s worth, “At Home with Venetia in Kyoto” is also an NHK World show. Don’t know how much of it you can find on Youtube. We get NHK World through our cable package.

      • Mokihana says:

        I would think that since I can get Venetia in Kyoto (which I love) I can get the trains. Haven’t had time to fully check it out yet, but so far so good!

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