Speaking of Tiny Waists…

After writing last night’s post, I suddenly remembered a photo of one of my grandma’s with that kind of waist. Probably corseted to the max, but still.

This photo was taken shortly after she came to the United States. I’m trying hard to trace her family, but am finding it very difficult.

Annie Sax Friedman circa 1912

This photo was undoubtedly taken in Russia; Grandma is the one on the right, but I don’t know who her friend is. Try look Grandma’s awesome hair!

Someone and Anna Friedman

I loved my grandma so much. She and Grandpa would fly over to Hawaiʻi fairly often, so I got to see her more than my other relatives. She died when I was only sixteen, and I was heartbroken. Even now, I still miss her and wish I’d had more time with her. She could have answered so many questions for me.

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2 Responses to Speaking of Tiny Waists…

  1. AFK says:

    Beauty standards are so arbitrary, aren’t they? That narrow waist looks painful. But her hair is luxuriant and beautiful–that beauty standard hasn’t changed at all.

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