Pissed Off To Da Max

So. My last post was so long ago…partly because of dealing with this knee stuff…but mostly because the photo storage place which shall not be named has hijacked and held hostage almost all my photos for a $400.00 ransom; they don’t want me to be able to use third-party hosting unless I pay them that ridiculous amount of money per year.  So many, many, of my blog post images look like this:

Junk, yeah? So what I basically have to do is rebuild my entire blog, which, as you know, has hundreds, if not thousands, of photos in my posts.  I mean, probably a good 20-30 photos in each post at times. (Think all my Montana Road Trip photos, for instance.) Which I now have to upload directly from my computer…except for the ones I can’t find right away. So I have to sort through tons of images on my computer in to find them.

Sure, I could start all over again and just let that stupid image above dominate my posts. But I no like do dat.  What I’ve got to do is start writing anew, and little by little, see if I can find time to fix all my other posts.

To say that Iʻm hūhū is the understatement of the year. And Iʻm not the only one, either.

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4 Responses to Pissed Off To Da Max

  1. 96797lika says:

    Yikes I forgot about Photobucket. Don’t even remember PW or what email. So sorry for the humbug. What I’ve been doing is keeping pictures on Pinterest. You know how you can do a private/secret page, my kids have access to it to. I put all the family stuff & my selfies; so if I makidiedead dey gettum’ ready. LOL Morbid but make sense. LOL

    • Mokihana says:

      Good idea that. I have all my photos on my computer, but some didn’t transfer over from HawaiiStories so I gotta findum. In addition to uploading all the photos again that PB wen kakaroach.

      If you go PB, you can get back your email/username. If I dunno where the photos are on my computer, if I can still see them, I download them to my folders (I set up a special one). The photos might still be there; they can’t kakaroach the ukubillion photos all at once. Go try now before too late.

      I didn’t know you could have secret page on Pinterest. Good idea for you. I’ll check it out. But then what if Pinterest starts charging? I no trust anybody anymore.

  2. AFK says:

    Aue, pilau dat. Bad karma on them for hijacking and ransoming all of your previous precious pitchas.

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