Montana Road Trip 2010, Chapter Forty-Three

I’m feeling pretty pleased with myself tonight. I was having trouble loading the correct size photos here; they were all too small, and I couldn’t enlarge them because then the resolution was junk. I tried figuring it out, but couldn’t. I figured I’d have to call my guru on Monday.  But tonight, because I’m not a quitter, I thought, ‘There has to be a way!” So I worked with it some more, and figured it out!  So now we can continue with the Montana Road Trip! Chee hoo!!

We were still on Highway 95 South, almost to Lewiston. We’d stopped to take photos, and I liked this tree.

I think this was near Martinson Road. And obviously there was an election coming up, or maybe the sign hadn’t been taken down yet from before.

It almost looks like a golf course here, yeah?

Here are a bunch of views along the highway.

I love looking at the farmhouses along the way. Are their occupants lonely out here? Do they love it? Is it just part of the life they’ve chosen? How would I feel if I lived out here? One thing I can tell you…it’d all depend on how far away I was from town. Or a yarn/fiber store. LOL.

This looks like a really nice spread.

The curving roads beckon us on.

I can’t help but imagine what these fields look like in the middle of summer, with the wheat or alfalfa growing high.  Or in spring, when everything’s green.

Oh yeah. You know I’d like to drive up that road!!

We could see rain clouds on the horizon.

Lewiston: 14 miles. Lapwai: 27 miles. Boise, 259? Too blurry to tell.

More rain clouds.

Getting closer to Lewiston. “Trucks: Steep grade next 6 miles.” And I see water!!

Yep. Water.  It’s the Snake River! I just learned by reading the book, Astoria, that the first explorers after Lewis and Clark called this the Mad River.  Really good book, by the way. The story of Astoria, Oregon, is absolutely fascinating.

Here’s some info for you.  To the east of the part of the Snake River that heads south, it’s the city of Lewiston. To the west, Clarkston.  Lewiston is in Idaho, and Clarkston, in Washington.  For Lewis and Clark, yeah? Heh heh. The Snake continues west, but also south. This is Lewiston.

And there’s the Snake River. When we lived in Idaho, we used to see that part of it all the time.

In the next chapter, we will get to one exciting drive! I’d planned our whole way home so that we’d get to do it. Don’t go ‘way! AFK: Going get pīpī!!!

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2 Responses to Montana Road Trip 2010, Chapter Forty-Three

  1. AFK says:

    Ho da nani, all dat green!
    I’m like you when I look at those single farm houses, especially at night when you see the lights from a distance. Do they feel lonely? Is it scary living out there with no close neighbors? I wonder if country people wonder how city people can live in such crowded, noisy, exhaust-fumed neighborhoods.
    Okay, okay, I goin’ wait for da pīpī. (You realize dis is how you keep one babooze in suspense…)

    • Mokihana says:

      You have the same kine questions I always do. I’ve lived in the city and would take country over the crowds for sure.

      I going try get da pīpī done wikiwiki….

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