Montana Road Trip 2010, Chapter Forty-One

Ai yah!! No can believe how long it’s been!! Let’s go back to Idaho, okay? When I left off last time, we were heading south on Highway 95 and had stopped at Mary McCroskey State Park and taken a walk through it. Here’s an aerial view of the area.


Now we’re back on the highway, and just before Deep Creek Road, saw these cool old barns.





Near Deep Creek Road:


I can’t even express in words how beautiful it was!  So much green! Verdant green!! This is my favorite kind of day…lovely on the ground, lovely in the sky.


See what I mean?


I’ve read that sometimes this highway is major full of semi trucks, but we hardly saw any.

Guess which barn I like best!


Oh, how I wish these old relics could talk!


Junction 6. If we were to turn mauka here, we’d end up in Potlatch, Idaho. We traveled this same highway back in 2009, but didn’t get to Potlatch that time, either. I wish we had. It’s only a mile off the highway. Mahalo nui to the City of Potlatch for this information:


Idaho’s Only Historic  “Company Town”
   potlatch . . . a traditional Northwest Indian ceremonial feast at which lavish gifts were exchanged in a rival display of wealth.

The community of Potlatch began as a company town for Potlatch Forest, Inc., once boasting the world’s largest White Pine sawmill in the United States (1906) with a booming forest industry.

The City of Potlatch has a population of over 800 people. The City is located one mile off of Highway 95 on State Highway 6 (aka Scenic 6) and is 18 miles NE of Moscow and 51 miles NE of Lewiston.

Potlatch offers two walking tours for history buffs: “A Walking Tour of the Potlatch Commercial District” and “A Walking Tour of Potlatch Neighborhoods”. Pick up your free tour guide document at City Hall. These publications are provided by the Potlatch Historical Society.

A brochure, “The Palouse Country”,  which offers directions for driving tours of Latah and Whitman Counties, is also available at City Hall.

I looked up some images on Google; it looks like a fabulous place. Next time for sure.


And here’s the Deep Creek area. Apparently there’s lots of whitewater rafting there.


We are heading all the way to Lewiston, where there’s gonna be a fabulous highlight of our road trip.


Oh, the stories they could tell., yeah?


If we’d had all the time in the world, we woulda turned makai, but Lewiston awaited us.


I was in heaven! Miles and miles of green, and beautiful skies, and empty highways. This kind of driving and traveling refreshes my soul. All the green reminds me of my green Hawaiian home.



This really was a terrific time of year to be traveling; we both felt so blessed to be able to see all this beauty. I thought I had some videos to show, but I can’t find them; they’d give a wonderful idea of what this was really like. I’ll try find them and add them later if I do.


In the meantime, try look the patches of sunlight over the fields!


And you know I would’ve loved to drive down that road! It’s probably a driveway, though.


These fields will all be planted soon; maybe with wheat or alfalfa? Then they will be beautiful in a whole new way.


If we’d had time, I would’ve parked the car by the side of the road and filled up my senses (ho, now I sound like John Denver!) with the beauty. Stared at it, inhaled it, gloried in it. Yes indeedy, I would have.


I would’ve done the same thing here, too. I’d get drunk on the beauty.


K’den. Since I was drunk on beauty, moa betta I pull over till I get sober. Stay tuned!


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  1. AFK says:

    Wow, laulau, so nani! I, too, love those rolling green hills. Mahaloz for taking us along!

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