Abbreviated (For Me) Road Trip Back to Colorado

This one is in Utah, before Ogden.

Suzette and Owen are back in Colorado, and this time I didn’t get to ride shotgun with them because I was gone almost all day long.  Bummahs, yeah?  But Suzette sent me a few photos.

Pretty da mountains, yeah?

SecondTrip1 - Utah

This was somewhere before Ogden, Utah. I couldn’t read the sign. But check out all the water! It was very rainy as they traveled.

SecondTrip2 - Utah.jpg

I was home for a little bit between appointments, and tried to catch them on a Utah webcam, but that was a dismal failure. Not to mention the fact that a small red Saab is ‘way harder to see than a big yellow Penske truck!

I got this photo from Suzette as they crossed into Wyoming. So they still had to travel all the way across the state.


The last photo I got was when they got home and let Belle out to check out the perimeter of their house and yard.


We didn’t have a grand adventure this time, but I loved the photos that I got from Suzette. I wonder if riding virtual shotgun like I did before was a once in a lifetime experience. If so, it was a grand one!

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