Tour de Fleece 2016, Chapter Two

Whew. Stay pau da Tour de Fleece. I always love doing it, and don’t push myself too hard; pressure means no fun, at least for me. So here’s the rest of da photos.

I finished filling the second bobbin, and was now ready to start e pili the two of them together. Plying.

I spun them clockwise, but now will ply them counter-clockwise. Noelani is my mascot mascat today.

And here’s what it’s looking like. Nani, yeah? Keola is today’s mascat.

Whoo hoo!  One skein pau! Today’s mascat is Kalakoa, and an Osprey in Montana. (Love the live webcams!)

So here’s my total Tour de Fleece yarn. I got three skeins out of FatCatKnits’ “Happy” as well as a chain-plied one yard skein. Really small kine. Kinda kewt but. I got a whole 4 ounces of Raven Ridge Fiber Arts “Flathead Cherry” onto one bobbin (and have already started spinning the next 4 ounces). I also learned how to spin on a drop spindle, which was made for me special. It’s koa from da Big Island, and I love it.

So now my yarns have been soaked and stay drying out in da sun. I think the fiber will poof up a bit when dry.  Also, the goal when spinning is to make sure the yarn is balanced after plying, which means that the twist in the spinning equals the twist in the plying. Every time I’m waiting for my yarn to dry I’m anxious to know if it’ll hang straight with no twists in it. Hakum, you ask. Well, if a yarn isn’t balanced, then when you knit with it it will skew to the right or left, and your knitting will be kapakahi.  Kinda like me, right?

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4 Responses to Tour de Fleece 2016, Chapter Two

  1. jalna says:

    OMG, I no can believe what you can do! So awesome!

  2. AFK says:

    Soooooooooooo beautiful, da color combination! And how appropriate dat Kalakoa was a mascat for one day. (“Masosprey”–you so funny!)

    • Mokihana says:

      I had chree mascats but in da collage only Kalakoa made it in… oddawise nomo room! Masosprey…. I even had one masbatross in one photo From Kaua’i even! LOL!.

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