Montana Road Trip 2010, Chapter Thirty-Eight

Weʻre now heading South into the Palouse Country. Mountains have given way to rolling hills and cloudy, but lovely, skies.

Kinda looks like a sideways cyclone, yeah?

Itʻs May, and the fields are green as can be. During the summer and fall, theyʻll turn golden and will be harvested.

Someone used to live right there, and my imagination, as usual, ran wild with the story possibilities. Who were they? Where did they come from? Why did they leave? Oh, if only these walls could talk!

We could have left Coeur dʻAlene and come straight home via the freeway. We’ve been that way before and let me tell you, this way is ‘way better. Besides, I’d planned yet another amazing adventure along the way, which eventually, we’ll get to.

In the meantime, we were so enjoying this beautiful drive.

This is the sign for the Coeur d’Alene Casino. I don’t know how busy it is; until now, I hadn’t even known there was a casino nearby.

Oh the beauty! It took my breath away, and I slowed down a bit so that I could take it all in. (Cuz I’m da driver, and I can do dat kine stuff.)

The forested hills made a lovely backdrop for the green fields. Now, I gotta tell you this: what I really wanted to do was get on a horse and ride all over creation right here. I could picture myself doing it, too.  I spent so much of my growing up years on horseback back home in Hawaiʻi, and I’ve never lost my love of riding.

Oops. I was wrong. Get mountains! Wit snow, even!

Worley. Not very many people live here, and I bet lots of them are farmers and ranchers.

Try look!  It’s an old, rusted… ummm… da kine. I think I spot part of a pickup there.

Now there’s another sad, old, building. (Notice my “Aloha Happens” shirt? ‘Way moa betta den da odda kine stuff dat happens.)

Oh? U like get one too? Shaka da shirts. Try go hea foa checkum out.

This might have been a fun kine place to stop; I wondered if it’s even PC anymore! But we wanted to have time for the advencha awaiting us.


Plummer is only a few miles down the road; we’ve been through the cute town before, and looked forward to driving through it again.

If I’d been traveling this route on foot or in a covered wagon, would I have gotten tired of views like this? Or would I have enjoyed every step (by me or by oxen) of the way?

Here we are, coming into the outskirts of Plummer.

Wow, try look the gas prices. Right now I’m remembering when they were up to $4.00/gallon. They’re much lower now, but climbing again. You know, we really should’ve stopped here just to see what the place was like.

Now don’t quote me…but since these huge da kines are right next to a huge logging mill, I’m guessing they’re for some kind of wood product. Maybe sawdust? Sure looks like it down on the ground.

See? Try look all the logs. Which means, of course, that those all used to be trees. Which also means that somewhere there was some clear-cutting done. And don’t even get me started on that.

This ‘way cool sticker was on the back of a rig we saw. It reminded me that a long time ago, there were only the Indians in this area. And now look. It always makes me happy when I see signs of native pride in an area.


It was now around noon, and we continued our journey south. We are still traveling through the Coeur d’Alene Indian Reservation and will be for a number of miles yet.

Mahalo nui for riding along with us, as always.

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2 Responses to Montana Road Trip 2010, Chapter Thirty-Eight

  1. AFK says:

    Moki-chan, I get dat “Aloha Happens” t-shirt too! An’ we wen see Kamaka wen we wuz back home las’ mont`! He’s so cool.

    Wow, wat did dat ol’ truck carry, yah? Did da tanks carry some kine liquid? And look like get shelves–mebbe foa tools? (Lots of “scope for the imagination,” as Anne of Green Gables would say.)

    I love dat da fields are all green. Dose t’ings dat hold da sawdust – looks like trucks can park right undahneat’ and den dey can dump da sawdust insai, yah? Ho da akamai design.

    • Mokihana says:

      Kamaka so much fun, yeah? Love his pidgin stories. I’m so glad u wen get to see him!

      I tink u stay right about da sawdust trucks. Akamai design is right! Mahalo plenny foa riding shotgun once again; I love having u along!

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