Montana Road Trip 2010, Chapter Thirty-Two

Okay, pau stink bugs and kawila stuffs. Let’s get back to Montana Road Trip, k? (Even though now I have ukubillion Box Elder Beetles as well as stink bugs on my windows and screens. Sheesh.)

I made a few changes to the last Montana post because my photos weren’t in order; what I thought was the Ranger Station at the top of Lolo Pass wasn’t. It was really the Dena Mora Rest Area. But now it’s all fixed.


I found this very brief video; I think this is right before we got to the Dena Mora rest area.

There, the Montana flag was flying high.

There was info there about Idaho.

Lookout Pass was coming up.

And then, we were there. Exit 0. Zero.

Nomo Mountain Time. It sounds lolo, but I didn’t want to change my watch back yet.

It was so tempting to take the Lookout Pass exit! Explore new worlds!  But we didn’t.

So there we were, about to head over the summit and makai into Idaho. I had Nolemana start the video…

And I bet you’re wondering whydaheck I pulled over so fast. Right? Well, I’ll tell you.  Because I wanted to get a photo of this sign.

Makes sense, right? Stop laughing.

Leaving Montana. Yeah, I had small kine wai maka. I’ll admit it.

I’ll leave you with the next video that we took I pulled back onto the highway and we headed into Idaho over Lookout Pass and down again. Sniff.

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