And For Some Small Kine Humor…

So today I was heading makai on Highway 212; on the 2-lane part of the highway in Damascus, I was getting tailgated something fierce. And I had no where to get off the road. I was driving Nolemana’s kawila since mine was still at the body shop; it sits a lot lower than mines one, so I couldn’t really get a good look at the driver.

I was, however, getting a bit irritated at how close whoever it was was following me so close. If I’d had to stop fast, they woulda hit me.

Where Highway 212 meets Highway 224, the highway becomes four lanes, so I was able to pull over into the right-hand lane to let the stupidhead   driver get by me.

Holy smoke! They went zooming by me so fast I couldn’t believe it and continued like that up the highway. I was expecting to see some road rage kine person zip past me and zoom up the highway, but as they went past, OMG! Guess who was!  This old, white-haired wahine so little she could hardly see above the steering wheel. No can believe, yeah?

Oh yeah. And she got stopped at the red light two cars in front of me. Bachi.

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