Shipping a Spinning Wheel, Chapter Two

About two weeks later, Debbie was ready to have the wheel shipped. Keola graciously gave up his daytime perch, and allowed us to move it.

Here’s Nolemana, ready to take the big box out the front door. He has unlocked our front gate (not in photo) and is getting ready to take the box outside. He’s 6’ tall, so you can see how big the box is.

Is it gonna fit through the door? Well, it came in this way, so it must be gonna.

Yep! It did!!

It’s onto the dolly, and ready to go up the step. (We really need to prune that bush.)

Nolemana gently puts the wheel from the dolly to the step up.

Safely on the step.

Notice how I’m helping by taking photos?

Next, he takes the dolly up the step.

Then he slides the box very gently onto the dolly again.

Then he begins rolling it towards our front gate. The one he unlocked earlier.

And through the gate it goes, heading towards my car. Which I then turned around to make loading easier. I couldn’t do it before because I was too busy taking photos. Because this must be documented, right?

Okay, the car’s all backed up. The back seats are folded down. Why do two people need a minivan, you may ask? Well, here’s one reason.

Up it goes! Lest you think Nolemana’s going to hurt himself, the box is only 38 lbs. Too heavy for me, but not for him.

And up it goes!

Safely inside the car.

My hero.

And down goes the tailgate. (Never let it be said that I am skimpy with photos.)

And here we are, all ready to go.

So then I drove into Gresham, carefully watching in my rear view mirror to make sure nobody was tailgating me. Or that when I made the right hand turn into the shopping center where UPS is, whoever was behind me would notice it and slow down.

When I got there, I went into the UPS place and asked for some help bringing in the giant box. (I mean, really, I coulda lifted it, but I wanted the nice young man inside to be able to show me how strong he was. Not.) He was very agreeable, and came out to the car with me. In the meantime, showing my own strength, I pressed the button that would lift the tailgate up.

Matthew flexed his muscles and easily took the box out of the van. He remarked that it was lighter than it looked. (See? I told you I coulda lifted it!)

He was going to pull down the tailgate, but I told him I was super strong and could do it myself. And, showing my super strength, pressed the button again.

Matthew easily carried the box into the building, and I, once again showing how strong I am, opened the door for him. I also helped direct him through the door.

Matthew laid the precious cargo on the counter.

He tried to center it onto the scale, and I told him it had already been weighed, and that everything was written on the box, on top. The young lady who had packed the box remembered who I was, and she remembered the box, and that she had packed it. I asked her if we should mark it “fragile”. She said no need. Wanna know why? “Well,” she said, “it’s because it’ll be going on a conveyor belt, and machines can’t read”. For realz? Good point.

I handed them the shipping label that Debbie had provided, and Matthew taped it to the box. And there it was. Out of my hands. I actually felt a little sad. Like I was parting with a friend.

My job was done. Well, not totally. I got to at least track the box as it made its 3-5 day journey across the country.

And it got there safely! UPS did a fantastic packing job, even putting bubble wrap between the two “prongs” of the wheel uprights. I was extremely pleased, and Debbie was delighted to get the wheel.

Ahahahaha… “Met customer woman”.

The wheel arrived in perfect shape and Debbie’s been happily spinning on it. I was so happy to participate in this adventure.

I know that lots of people bash UPS, but I have nothing but the highest regard for them.  This is the third wheel that I’ve shipped with them, and each one arrived in perfect shape.

So now you know how to ship a wheel. Anybody got an extra one you wanna send to me? I highly recommend UPS. LOL.

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2 Responses to Shipping a Spinning Wheel, Chapter Two

  1. AFK says:

    It takes a village! A kind and helpful village. I’m sure that wheel is glad to be in its new home.

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