Da Estimates

I really feel bad for the kid who came out to put on my spare tire. I hope he doesn’t get fired.

Here are the two estimates.  Remember, these are only preliminary estimates. If, when they get everything taken apart, it could be more.

Door Numbah One:

3 September5

And Door Numbah Two:

3 September4

I’m actually pretty surprised at how close they came out.  Sure, the dealer’s labor charges are higher, but both companies said the same things to repair my car.  3-5 days to fix. Yup. Rental car for shua.

Good guessing, everyone!  Mahalo for playing!

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5 Responses to Da Estimates

  1. jalna says:

    Holy moly!

  2. AFK says:

    Aue. I’m not sure I feel sorry for the kid from AAA. He didn’t seem willing to take responsibility for his mistake. Yes, everyone makes them, but you gotta own up to them.
    Hope your kawila come back better than ever.

    • Mokihana says:

      Well, he did tell me he was sorry when we called him back for the receipt. Bottom line, the towing company shouldn’t have sent out an inexperienced guy w/o supervision. And coming out without the right tools wasn’t good, either.

      Hopefully I can get my car fixed in a week or so. Mahalo nui…

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