Pau Da Tour de Fleece…whew!

What a whirlwind of spinning!  And more spinning! But ho da fun!  This was my best tour ever, I think. I was Captain of one team, and Co-Captain of another one, which involved cheering on my teammates, responding to posts showing some pretty impressive spinning, and encouraging people who needed encouragement.

And in between, I got to spin!  Housework?  What’s that? Laundry?  Well, I did have to have clean clothes. I also had to put in a lot of working hours.  And posting my photos did take a lot of time; gettum off the phone, crop if needed, re-save them, upload to Ravelry. That was pretty time-consuming, too.  And somehow in there I managed to cook dinners and make zucchini bread.

Here are a few of my favorite collages; I posted them in about seven different groups for teams that I was on.  These aren’t in order, obviously. We got two rest days during the Tour.. and I used them!  Well, except this one was a working rest day.

Rest Day 2 Collage 2

The gray Shetland roving wasn’t easy to spin, but I like the finished result. And the Navajo plying was the first I’d ever done.

Stage 1 Collage

This skein is the end result of the fiber above.

Rest Day 2 Collage1

Spinning the Shetland roving from a sheep named Maxwell. I took photos of the race while we were watching it in the evenings.

Stage 3 Collage

The cat in the  spinning wheel was one of our team mascots. The team?  My Knitting Has Cat Hair In It (Team Catitude).  And pau da Shetland…well, at least for now.

Stage 4 Collage

This is what my bobbin looked like in the process of spinning the FatCatKnits fiber.

Stage 5 Collage

I couldn’t resist taking this photo of Kalakoa in my lap while I was spinning.

Stage 6 Collage

This glorious stuff was a joy to spin!

Stage 7 Collage

All ready for plying!

Stage 9 Collage

Pretty colors!

Stage 10 Collage

One of my favorite spinning days.

Stage 11 Collage

Stage 12 Collage

Shaka collage:

Stage 13 Collage

Dye Day collage:  Ho da hot!

Stage 14 Collage

Funniest Collage:

Stage 15 Collage

Nani collage:

Stage 16 Collage

Glad I don’t have to bike up that road collage:

Stage 18 Collage (2)

I hope there’s no earthquake collage:

Stage 19 Collage

So grateful for rain collage:

Stage 20 Collage

And pau!!!

Stage 21 Finish Line Collage

So all together, left to right:

Sapphire Cove Targhee: 452 yards

Tropical Fruit Merino: 168 yards (3 ply)

Fresh Flowers Polwarth: 528 yards

Distant Mountains Yak/Silk/Merino: 280 yards

Maxwell Shetland: 136 yards.

1564 yards total

Which is a little over a quarter of a mile spun.  Of course, if I double/triple that yardage because the yarn was plied, I get a lot more!

It was a wonderful Tour de Fleece; the best ever for me.

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6 Responses to Pau Da Tour de Fleece…whew!

  1. hareball9 says:

    Woohoo Mokihana! I’m not worthy. Some great fiber there.

  2. Bb says:

    Wow they’re so gorgeous. Now that you have the skeins, what will you do with them?

    • Mokihana says:

      I’m going to make that felted bag out of the Shetland, and probably a small shawl, scarf, or cowl out of the others. I need more knitting time!!

  3. AFK says:

    Wow, Moki-chan, beautiful work. No wonder you didn’t have a lot of time to post to your blog – so much to do! Thanks for sharing.

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