Let’s See…Where Was I?

It’s been awhile, yeah?  I really need to keep up with this blog, because doing so really helps me to keep going during the tough times, helps me focus during the busy times, and always perks up my creativity.

Since the last time I wrote, my friend Maryellen has gone on to her next journey.  Her memorial service was lovely, and the lobby of the church was filled with many of the quilts she had made.  They were absolutely beautiful, and seeing them all in one place made us all even more aware of what an amazingly talented woman she was.

I don’t like the “was” in that last sentence…yet her quilts live on, a wonderful legacy for her family and friends.

The anniversary of my Papa-san’s suicide was Monday and I always have a hard day on that date. I miss him so much.  He was an island boy and loved da ʻāina so much.  Maybe what I’ll do here is write some stories about him and that will help.

Part of my busyness is because Nolemana and I are in the middle of getting ready to downsize and leave this home that we’ve lived in for the past 25+ years.  This has been a tough decision, especially for me. I love our place; I love the view, the forest, the quiet. I love waking up to quiet and going moemoe in quiet. I love all the forest birds that come to eat at our feeders. I love looking out over the valley and seeing sunsets, rain, fog, snow, hail, and sunshine moving towards us.  I love our neighbors.

To think of leaving makes my heart hurt. But Nolemana really wants to retire, and heaven knows, he deserves it.  And since we can’t retire till we sell this place, well, you get the picture.  So we’ve been packing up stuff and moving it to a storage unit, because I simply don’t have time to do much sorting before the move.  We’ll sort all the books and CDs later. We’re also getting rid of lots of stuff, and that part feels good.

It’s a huge, huge, job.  And I remind myself that ke Akua has never failed to find us exactly the right house for our needs. Do I really think He’s gonna say, “Sorry, Mokihana; I already wen find you five perfect places and I no going doyem nomo”?  Nope.  I believe He will find us just what we need and will be happy with.  We’re going to stay in this area; I wish we could move back home, but the Pacific Northwest is wonderful and we love it here.

And I must admit that not having to work will give me a lot more free time. We can travel more (you know how much we love road trips!), and relax more.  The hale won’t be cluttered, and we will have a guest room when friends and ʻohana need a place to stay.

Yeah, it’s gonna be hard to leave.  But one day at a time, one step at a time.  If can, can; if no can, no can.

Can, yeah?

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3 Responses to Let’s See…Where Was I?

  1. BJ says:

    Aloha: I read your blog every so often. I’ve had to sell my home of 30+ years and in one year had to move 2x. Becoming a renter, I had to even get rid of my beloved pets so I know about downsizing. What God has taught me is…all this is…..stuff. Just stuff. Now my belongings are maybe down to about 6-8 boxes + the bed. All that ‘stuff’….I don’t miss any of it at all, can’t even remember what they were. I thank Father for this journey He put me on, I lost a lot of stuff, but in all of it, my faith in Him never wavered and He brought me to it, He pulled me through it. In my final downsizing (yes there were more) I gave up being materialistic. He has blessed me since and I am in a much better place but I am still cheap and I still don’t have a lot of stuff either. Jewelry, shoes, designer clothing holds nothing on me any more. I could care less. I also find that I kept a lotta stuff cuz I was too lazy to throw stuff out. Now I’m on fire in dumping or donating stuff I no longer need. My only passion is Coach handbags. Once I was good financially I gotta have my Coach bag but that’s about the ONLY thing I will ever spend money on. But they last for so long I won’t be buying any more either. So no worries, let it go … let it go. God Bless.

    • Mokihana says:

      Mahalo nui for your comment. I totally agree with you… just stuff. We’re getting rid of so much of it..giving to friends, to Salvation Army, to the humane society retail store. Your Coach handbag is my spinning and knitting stuff, but I’m getting rid of lots of that, too. And yes, ke Akua every step of the way. So happy you stopped by with your wonderful thoughts.

  2. fillyjonk says:

    Love and peace to you. One thing I have learned in life is that I am given what I need, when I need it – that things open up when I need them. But oh, it’s so hard to trust that He will do it. I don’t know whether it’s that I feel like “my problems don’t matter enough, I should be able to do this on my own without taking Him from the important work of saving orphans and things like that” or what….but yea, I kind of do feel like that.

    I am hoping you will find an equally comforting and beautiful home, and that you get joy after the changes come.

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