Spinning a Friendship

I have a dear friend named Suzette who has become my spinning buddy. We get together at least once a month at The Place 2 Be Cafe in Canby, Oregon, and spend almost the entire day spinning together on our Ladybug wheels.

Suzette is oh, so much more, though, than just a spinning buddy. We met online on Ravelry, shortly before Suzette purchased her Ladybug. We became friends the very first time we got together in person, just two years ago.  And whether it’s twice a month or just once, we both so look forward to our time together.

On the way to Canby, I always take photos of Willamette Falls in Oregon City; it’s fun seeing how the amount of water going over them changes from time to time.

Sept 9-18

The last time I was by here, there was virtually no water going over the main spillway.  But today there was a little more.

Sept 9-15

Suzette and I always have a wonderful day together, and today was no exception. We discovered very quickly that not only did we have matching wheels, but we were both spinning fiber from Raven Ridge Fiber Arts. Rickie van Berkum is our favorite Indie Dyer; she has a wonderful way of translating the gorgeous Montana landscapes around her home into luscious, irresistable, colorways. I mean, how can you resist names and colorways like “Huckleberry”, “Pink Granite”, “Hellroaring Creek”, “Blue Spruce”, and “Pine Bark”?

Suzette was spinning “Mountain Bluebird” in Targhee, one of my very favorite colorways. I might just have enabled her a teeny bit by spinning up that colorway last year.  (I spun it for a special family member and loved it so much that I bought even more and Suzette bought some too!)

Sept 9-20

I was spinning my second bobbin of “Cedar Waxing” in Polwarth and Silk, and it’s absolutely glorious. Ha ha!  Matching wheels, matching Indie dyer, and two birds!  Just realized that.

Cedar Waxwing

(photo courtesy Raven Ridge Fiber Arts)

It was so cool to see how the look of the singles on the bobbin changed depending on what parts of our braids we were spinning with.  Oh yeah.  We were both using our WooLee Winders, too!

Sept 9-6

Sept 9-5

The owner of the coffee shop is so great!  She lets us move chairs and tables around so that we have really good light for spinning.

I had to take this photo…. Two friends, two wheels… and armed with our lattes!

Sept 9-17

We both felt as though Rickie was right there with us!

Sept 9-16

Suzette’s spinning was wonderful! Her foot was kinda cute, too!

Sept 9-21

And I was pretty pleased with mine.  My singles, not my foot.

Sept 9-7

Time for lunch!  I had the Mac ‘n Cheese with the secret sauce, a new item on the menu.

Sept 9-11

Suzette had the Albacore tuna panini.

Sept 9-13

Then it was back to spinning again.

Sept 9-9a

(Photo used by permission)

“Cedar Waxwing” is a lovely colorway to spin!  The silk in it gives it a lovely, lovely, sheen.

Sept 9-4a

The variation of the colors in “Mountain Bluebird” are a feast for the eyes.

Sept 9-23a

Towards the end of our spinning time I noticed the shadows on the floor, and had Suzette take a couple of photos of my shadow. I love the way they turned out!

Sept 9-22a

Sept 9-24a

Yikes!  4:00 p.m., and the end of our spinning day together. We both hate to leave.. And you know, we don’t just spin together. I mean, we spin. But we also talk, really talk, and share our joys and sorrows, triumphs and struggles. And as we spin, our friendship is also spun together, like two single yarns, plied together, not easily broken.

And that’s the best part of all.

Sept 9-19

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8 Responses to Spinning a Friendship

  1. I felt like I was there too – wish I really had been. The photos are wonderful, give such a good feel for your day.

  2. Mokihana says:

    I wish you’d been there in person, too. That would have been fabulous!

  3. maddigram says:

    Oh, Mokihana, what a wonderful day it was..as it always is 🙂 A lovely blog post this is..I appreciate you and your friendship! Rickie, we would love for you to join us sometime! Thank you for the lovely fiber we spin!

  4. Mokihana says:

    Yes, Suzette, it was a lovely day, wasn’t it! Every time we plan a new spinning date I can hardly wait till it arrives. It’s good knowing that we have more to look forward to!

  5. Michelle says:

    It sounds absolutely heavenly! I met a spinner yesterday who came to shop for sheep. We may start getting together here at my house (since I have a homeschooled son); I hope we make it happen! I’ve had very few opportunities to spin with others, and she and I have a lot in common.

  6. Mokihana says:

    I think that’d be just wonderful!! There’s just nothing like the company of another handspinner, creating lovely yarns together. I really hope it works out for you!

  7. Lacy says:

    Lovely photo’s – looks comfy and inviting. Wish I still lived in Oregon City so I could join you two with my Ladybug. Do you like your Woolee Winder? I love mine. Don’t now what I’d do without it. Sure hope this hot weather goes away.

  8. Mokihana says:

    Thanks, Lacy! I love my WooLee Winder!! If my bobbins are full and Iʻm not ready to ply Iʻll use my regular bobbins, and really donʻt mind that, but I prefer the WW. Thanks so much for stopping by… and rain is on the way!!

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