Finding Spiritual Whitespace – A Review


I’ve been following Bonnie Gray over at Faith for several years now and have been always blessed by Bonnie’s words. So when her book came out, I was eager to read it. I have been fortunate to be part of Bonnie’s book launch team and to be in community with other readers and bloggers in the group.

I appreciate Bonnie’s willingness to tell her story of the causes of the PTSD that led her into a deeper relationship with Jesus. It has been my experience that in telling our stories, as Bonnie has done, we have been labeled as “unspiritual” or “weak”, or worse yet, to be told that we should put everything behind us and move on. Which doesn’t work, of course. We can put our pain and hurts and trauma in a box way up on a dark closet shelf, far in the back, but at some point, they will come falling down and bite us, usually when we’re least prepared for it.

We forget in different ways. We bury painful memories, knowingly or unknowingly. Any way that we do it, we think they’re gone forever, and we move on. But our bodies remember the truth of what happened to us; and one way or another, those buried memories will affect our lives.

That’s exactly what happened to Bonnie, and she was caught by surprise by the flood of emotions that took over her life. But she made the courageous decision to take that box of memories down off the closet shelf, where, as a little girl, she’d placed them, so well that she’d forgotten about it.

By taking down that box full of painful memories, Bonnie was able to heal, and to discover how much she is loved by Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. No longer running as fast as she could to escape something she didn’t even realize was there, she was able to incorporate her healing into her book, which focuses on learning to become aware of those “whitespace times” where we can slow down and get quiet in order to hear God’s voice in our lives.

Reading this book has helped me to become aware of my own need for whitespace times and to leave room in my schedule to find rest and to make more room for the companionship of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Sometimes I find this space sitting in front of my spinning wheel and creating beautiful yarn, or looking through the lens of my camera, or writing on my blog, or spending times with friends.

Awareness. The whitespace is there. We just need to purpose to make time for it in our busy lives.

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from Revell with no expectations of what I would say in my review. I also purchased a copy to give to a friend.






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