Montana Road Trip 2010, Chapter Twenty

We were now heading northeast on Highway 86, and as always, I kept my eyes open for pīpī photos for AFK.  I saw these two mama cows with their calves, so we stopped to take photos. Which was really easy because there was absolutely no other traffic on this highway.


The calves were so cute; get so many legs in there it’s hard to tell exactly how many there were, though.  It looks like this mama is saying, “Eh… bodda u?”


These mountains are so lovely… they don’t look too crazy to me.

Crazy Moutains

This dirt road is at the old settlement of Sedan, Montana.


Try look how it looks like a roller coaster heading up into the hills.


Oh!  Try wait! I get video action!  Befoa we take one road trip, I alla time make photo logs so when I write blog posts lidis I know wea da photos were taken.  And on da photo sheet I stay on now, Nolemana wen rite down “video”!  So I can give u folks litto bit moa betta feel foa da countryside.

This is on Fairy Creek Road, just before Sedan.  As I turn clockwise, you can see Sacagawea Peak and Hardscrabble Peak from my previous post.

We’d never heard of Sedan before, so were pleased to find this building with a plaque on it explaining about the area.


Can you read da sign okay?

Sedan, Montana

So you can get an idea of how desolate this place is I wen make one map from Google Earth for you folks.  See where it says “Sedan”? That’s right where the house is.


Here’s a tired, old, house in Sedan.  Over and over again I wonder about these deserted old houses and who used to live in them.  Once this place provided home and shelter for people.  Was it a family? Just one farmer?  Is this where the wahine who the Crazy Mountains were named for lived?  So sad.


Once, whoever lived here, looked out the windows and saw rain, snow, ice, and sunshine.  Not anymore

. Sedan

I’m guessing that a family lived here, judging by the size of the building. Was the wahine lonely ‘way out here, or did she love the vastness of the area? Did she get claustrophobic when the snow was so deep there was no way to get anywhere? Dunno.


Taking pīpī photos…Iʻm always looking for really cool shots, which isn’t always easy because rangeland and pastures are rangeland and pastures.  Right?  Of course right.  But when I saw this scene, I knew that it’d be awesome.  The cows silhouetted against the Crazy Mountains.  Definitely worth stopping for.  I am so pleased with this photo!


And this one, too.  AFK, mahalo for helping me to be more aware of pīpī so that I could get these photos.


Further on, we saw another deserted house, this one framed by aspen trees.


This is actually a pretty lovely setting for a hale.


This barn was on the same piece of property.


More pīpī against the snow-covered Crazy Mountains.


It’s so vast here, so quiet, so spectacular, and I would have loved to have spent more time here.

Here’s a video of the area we were driving through.

This is near Flathead Creek Road, with its view of the Crazy Mountains.  I can do this, and show you a photo looking back the way we’ve come.

Crazy Mountains near Flathead Creek Road looking back the way we've come

Here’s a dirt and gravel road leading up to a bridge over either Carroll Creek or Cache Creek.

Crazy Mountains and dirt road with bridge up ahead over Flathead Creek

We thought this might be an old grange hall, or maybe a church.

Past Flathead Creek Road.

It’s definitely a log building, but there was no sign on the door.


We have now turned sharply East on Highway 86, the Crazy Mountains looming in front of us.

Crazy Mountains

Along with more video action!

We pulled off of the highway to take more photos of the Crazy Mountains.

East on Highway 86


We were now in Park County.  Can oni tell, yeah?

Just after the turn East

Mountains, mountains, everywhere. What I would really love? Riding horseback here. Yep.  Reminders of my teenage years.  It was 74°…what a perfect day!


I’m not sure which creek this is, but instead of being on Bridger Canyon Road, we’re now on Flat Creek Road.   So I’m pretty sure this is Flathead Creek.  Akamai, yeah?


Here you can see how the creek follows the highway.  Or vice versa. Probably the latter, seeing as how the creek came first!

Flathead Creek

And here was another old barn.  The location was great, right near the water.


This one looked in pretty good shape.


And it looked like there was a bridge to it from the highway.  This is near Swandal Road.


There was another barn nearby.  One thing I love about old barns is how they differ in shape and style.


See what I mean?


K’den, mahalo for following along through all the photos and videos.  I do these posts for you folks but also as road trip journals for me.  Good da memories.


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2 Responses to Montana Road Trip 2010, Chapter Twenty

  1. AFK says:

    Mahalo for all da pīpī pix! You’re absolutely right – I love your photo of them silhouetted against those beautiful snow-capped mountains. Thanks Moki-chan – you made my day.

  2. Izzie Kikue says:

    WOW! So many good shots and so educational with the map too! I love looking at photos of dilapidated structures. Homes and barns. When I look at homes, I can’t help but wonder how it was like for the families who lived there and what caused them to move, if they had been there for generations. Here in the south, there’s a lot of homes like that, a lot dating back when the slaves were freed and traveled the countryside building their little cottages along the way. Progress allows those homes to stand on rural roadsides, avoiding them, creating little ghost town pockets.

    The mountains are breathtaking! I sure miss seeing the Rockies now that I live near the Smokies instead. So, real BIG mountains are appreciated by me. I try to visit the mountains every time I’m out west. There is nothing like those purple mountain majesties. I’m looking forward to hitting west again in a couple of weeks. This year I have been spending time down at the beach. Couple months ago I traveled slowly from San Diego to Malibu hanging with my surfer friends on their circuit for good waves. So, I’m going back to travel from Malibu up to Marro Bay. Maybe I’ll find a window to make a day trip to Big Bear Mountain when I visit Koni.

    Anyway, awesome photos and vid! As usual, I feel like I just pau travel lito’bit. LOL Love you, sistah!

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