Cone Sushi-Making Day 2009

So back in February, 2009, my Gathering friends decided they’d like to have a sushi-making day.  Plenny times I’d bring cone sushi to our potlucks, and they loved it so much they wanted to learn how to make it themselves.

So we planned a day to do it, and I brought over my 10-cup rice cooker, the rice, the seasoning, and the inari,  and started the rice cooking.  When it was pau, I piled it onto a cookie sheet so that A could start cooling it off.


S helped get the rice out of the cooker.


In the meantime, L chopped up the carrots (we didn’t have a grater) next to the waiting inari.


Anden she mixed in the carrot with the rice. Moa betta jass use fingas, right?


Oh yeah.


We wen slowly add da warmed sushi seasoning mixture, anden we moved everything out to A’s dining room table.  Inari on a couple of plates, rice in the middle, and plates for everyone.  Let the filling begin!


We were all having so much fun!


Everyone’s plates were getting more and more full.  Around the table there was lots of laughing and talking.


Good ting I wen bring plenny inari!


Pau da rice.  And everybody had plates full of inari sushi!


A got out the plastic wrap, and everyone wrapped up their plates. With maybe just a few cone sushi not making it home. LOL.


It was a happy, fun-filled day with my friends. They all loved learning how to make cone sushi and I loved sharing part of my culture with them. Win-win all around.



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4 Responses to Cone Sushi-Making Day 2009

  1. Babooze says:

    An whea wuz da guys to grind deese ono lookin’ Sushi? Dat is my favorite kine sushi too. Jutta always make em’ fo’ me an she no eat em’…..moah fo’ me den. Dass usually lunch fo’ me at work wen i git em’. Wish i we could hav been deah to help grind. Love it Moki.\m/

  2. jalna says:


  3. Dd says:

    what a wonderful bonding day !!

  4. 96797lika says:

    And now I hung-gah-reee! LOL

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