Da bloggie wen holoholo ova hea.

Big change.  HawaiiStories.com is undergoing a major facelift. Only Lika and I are left there, blogging away. Ryan will be creating something wonderful there, like stories from hanabata days, and more like a magazine kine ting, and although I could have stayed there, blogging away, it seemed like a good time to make a move ova hea.  Ho da scary.  Why? I going tell u why. First of all, I’m not a geek. Well, maybe kinda geek. But no way like Ryan who’s amazing to da max. Oa like Lurkah. Same ting. So even though Ryan gave me instructions as to how to move my blog over here (cuz I like keep every single word I eva wen rite, you know), and he said it was easy, given my non-geekiness, I was so scared! First I had to export this bambucha file to my computer. Then I had to import it ova hea. Sounds easy, yeah? Maybe to geeks, but not to me.

So I wen waffle back and forth, back and forth. I read Ryan’s instructions ova and ova. But I was scared I would do something lolo and da whole blog, from ‘way back in 2003, was going blow up. Boom! Nomo da blog. Poof. But Ryan said he’d leave my HawaiiStories blog up till I got this one all fixed up. But ack, what if when I exported it I exported everything and my HawaiiStories blog stay all blank? Finally I decided to bite the bullet and just do it. I clicked on “export” in the tools menu. So far so good. I even wrote down where I decided to save it. You know, the path. See? I can sound geeky sometimes. Then I came ova hea, set up my blog title, went down to “tools” and clicked on “import”. Okay, first I had to download the import tool. Check. I thought it would take a long, long, time to import it. But wow, less than thirty seconds! Amazing. So I took a look at it. Ack!! Ho, all my peechas stay bambucha, gigantor, alla way into da side menu. Wassap wit dat? Wen work perfect at HawaiiStories.

Well, long story short. I had to make one new banner. PhotoShop geekiness. Check. Then set up a few other things. More geekiness. Then a friend told me how to change the photo sizes within the posts and I figured out I can just do da drag arrow da kine to make my home page look better. But you know, with alla choke photos I get, no way I can take the time to resize alla dem. Sorry. Now I have to figure out how to get the photos in the blog without having to resize them in a post. More geeky learning. Anyway, here I am. I miss being at HawaiiStories, but actually I’ll be a contributor there when the new site is launched. Kinda scary being on my own ova hea. No blogmaster no more. Ryan was terrific; yet I know that if I have geeky questions he’ll be there for me. So. Imua. Here’s to increased geekiness.

IMUA 8/1 News

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2 Responses to Da bloggie wen holoholo ova hea.

  1. Lolo says:

    I found you! I dorono how make dat supasize plumeria manini. LOL

  2. Lolo says:

    I could export ~ sounds complicated. I went old school – copy & paste – only certain ones doe. LOL

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