No Snow On Da Mountain

So last week Nolemana and I had an appraisal to do in Government Camp, up on the slopes of Mt Hood. Which, by now, should be covered in snow, making skiers and snowboarders and cross country folks very happy. And normally I’d have studded tires on to make it possible to drive on the snowy, hilly, roads up there. But guess what? No skiers, no boarders, no studded tires. Why? Cuz nomo da snow!

Here we are on the highway heading up to the mountain. Somewhere in the middle of the photo it’s there, but it doesn’t show up in the photo.

I don’t know if this is a true lenticular cloud or not, but it was kinda cool to see.

Or maybe it’s a flying saucer?

Here’s the mountain, but usually there are absolutely no spots where the rocks show up. But checkum out! Ack!

See what I mean?

The weather was so balmy, in the low fifties, that these people were riding their horses right through the middle of town. Bareback (well, the kane had his jacket under him). The horses’ tails were braided with pretty ribbons.

But while we were driving around checking out the comparable sales we were using, we came across these guys in the middle of building a log home. Now that was pretty exciting! I’ve never seen one in progress like this. We asked the guy if we could take his photo and he said “sure”, so we did.

I really liked the way the logs were cut to curve like this. And wait till you see the whole crane!

I’m an island girl and didn’t grow up with log houses around me, so I was finding this whole process pretty fascinating.

Try look da crane!! That’s how they get the logs and trusses up to the house.

Looks like this house is gonna be pretty big.

Another shot of the gigantic crane.

It’ll be fun to drive up the mountain to see the house all pau.

This is probably the fanciest log home up there. I forget who lives here… but um, they get plenny kala.

For one comp we drove across Highway 26 to another part of Government Camp. I couldn’t resist taking a photo of the snowman.

On the way down the mountain my odometer turned another thousand miles. Three thousand of those were on our Montana road trip this year. It’s kinda fun tracking where I am at each thousand miles.

Last night there was snow up there, up at Timberline Lodge. But skiers are still longing for a lot more snow.

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4 Responses to No Snow On Da Mountain

  1. Babooze says:

    Enjoy while u can is all i can say. Next ting u no goin’ be so much snow an ice u not goin’ like it. Goin’ be da same wit us wen da ice an snow come hea too. Wuz 37 degrees on da way to work dis mornin’.m/

  2. AFK says:

    “Try look da crane!” It made me unreasonably happy to read that – I have no idea why.

    But ho da cool, da log houses!

  3. jalna says:

    So neat da log cabin!

  4. Izzie Kikue says:

    Log cabins are the coolest! Just think, in the old days, they didn’t have all the heavy equipment to build, so the work to build one must have been something else.

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