Ho Da Foggy!!

Foa da past chree days, ho da foggy!! Along the roads sometimes only can see maybe one-eighth of a mile. And ho da stupidheads who no turn on dea headlights! Da fog is all the way down to the roadway, and visibility is pretty bad. Parking lights do no good; gotta put on the headlights. K’den. Pau rant.

Coming up the driveway today I could barely see (left to right) Pikake guarding Titus, Paul, and Rayado.

It was only 37° degrees today; I stopped in at the Arrow Coffee House in Damascus to warm up before coming home. Saw a friend there and we had some coffee together. That was a really pleasant break in my busy day.

I like da fog. Somehow it seems to make everything more peaceful.

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2 Responses to Ho Da Foggy!!

  1. jalna says:

    Dat’s a cool picture . . . but I would be scaid for drive in um.

  2. Babooze says:

    We git dis now in Germany. An da temps stay like Spring hea. No real snow yet but soonah owah lattah we goin’ git it no?m/

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